As Requested by a Reader: The Day the Dollar Died

Thanks to one of my original fans on Telegram and those in my emails that have requested this series be re-posted. I have embedded it from my Scribd account to make it easier to read.

Granted, it needed editing, and the relevant points from the Obama era were rendered irrelevant by the actions of the corrupt Federal Reserve, however, the actions by the Trudeau regime and other nations during the China Virus emergency do seem relevant in a way.

Could I modernize this story? Of course. But to those who published it, stole it, etc., that’s fine. I’m just posting it because of one my old time readers enjoyed it and requested it.

Hopefully this makes a point to remind everyone just how fragile our system was 13 years ago and now.

The Day the Dollar Died by John Galt on Scribd

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