#BareShelvesBiden is America’s New Reality

For almost ten months now, this website and moi, have been warning everyone about the supply chain issues that we have been witnessing as shoppers on any given day at big box stores, grocery stores, and even drug stores/pharmacies.

It’s not a lie.

Despite the spewing of industrial strength BS from sources like CNBC, the Associated Press, the White House, and all of their other media properties (CNNMSDNCNBCABCcBS), etc.., the average American is still grocery shopping, still freaking out over empty shelves, and is wondering if our nation is becoming a giant version of Venezuela (the answer is yes, but worse).

Before you barbecue your pet chihuahua named Fred, please, have a plan to stay well stocked up on food, medicine, and especially pet food.

So without further ado, here is Ryan Saavedera’s Tweets about just how wonderful life is in Bidenzuela.

As I went shopping this weekend, believe me, it’s a reality. If you were/are not prepped, your family and your pets will go hungry this winter and spring; maybe longer.

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