Covidiocy 201: With More and Improved WTF Videos and Insanity

Yes, Covidiocy 101 was so popular, y’all had to know there was a sequel in the works. No bad movie deserves to just die on the vine, so much like Hollyweird, here is part 201 with all of its glory including the Chief Moron to illustrate just how screwed our nation is. With guest appearances by Australia and Germany to demonstrate that WTF isn’t just an American term.

After all, today’s non-press conference press conference with President “I talk to the Ceiling daily” Biden was just oh so impressive:

Thankfully this is the leader of the free world leading the fight against the common cold. Er, China Virus.

With that introduction out of the way….

From November 23, 2021 via TownHall:

Biden Just Issued Another Vaccine Mandate

The big question from that one?

Are green card licensed farm workers from Mexico and Central America classified as “essential workers” or such?

If so, Houston, we could have a serious crop problem this winter.

The Epoch Times tops that insanity with this story:

FDA Asks Court for 55 Years to Fully Release Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Data

“Safe and effective” ahem.

Thankfully California leads the way in stupid, er, Wuhan Flu safety:

Even a dead Mussolini is doing facepalms over the communist moronic idiocy from this one:


But I still have to wear one.

When I travel to Vegas or Cancun to get drunk and spend obscene amounts of money on food, booze, and stupidity. To prevent a disease that I may or may not have already had because the specifications of what symptoms changes more than Biden’s Depends.

More stupidity from Europe thanks to ClownWorld Today on Twitter:

From our friends at LibsofTikTock (Language warning):

If “it” was in Alabama, it was probably already shot as an alien and stuffed, hung over the fireplace and proclaimed that the war on Mars has begun.

And the showers in Germany were okie-dokey in 1940 too (via CNBS):

At least Germany is not like $PFE and cutting straight to the 1940 program:

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, er, sorry kiddies:

Applebee’s? Really?

This brings new meaning to this song….

Of course the European idiots have to top New York City for arresting people at an Applebee’s:

Dutch PM Tells Public Not to Cuddle Grandkids as Christmas Is Cancelled in the Netherlands

No wonder the Nazis took their nation over in less than two weeks. God those people are gutless sucks.

Thankfully for the United States, we have a LOT of Dr. Mengele wannabe’s out there opening their pie-holes.

Of course Australia’s idiots say ‘here, hold muh Foster’s mate”…

Needless to say, Australia is WAY AHEAD in the rah-rah Auschwitz cheerleader section:

Thankfully this will be the last of these posts.

Until after Christmas.

So Merry Christmas, mask up, boost up and suck my balls; of course I only mean that for those stupid enough to live in Blue states without a clue as to what the responsibilities and meaning of the word “freedom” really is.

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