Elon Musk and Tucker Carlson Have Killed Cable TV News

I must admit, my silence on my own blog sometimes kills me. I tend to wait until I have something to say before writing it, because who want to read the same drivel someone else may or may not have but with a tweak here and there it’s “original” or that “no way another news aggregator has this first” etc.

Tonight, the big social media discussion is how will Elon Musk will fair in the ring against the demon from Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. While many people question and doubt the authenticity of Elon, trust me, hanging around a few wealthy geeks will make one realize that he is who he is and just enjoy it. People like Zuckerberg have demonstrated he would sell his soul to the highest or lowest bidder to achieve dominance. Or he might be happy to just sell you a computer generated avatar of a poorly digitized Quarter Pounder with cheese in a cartoon McDonald’s to make money and convince you that dinner has been served.

This brings us to the discussion about the vapid wasteland that is the senior citizen news, aka, Cable Television News and the networks they are broadcast on.

For the record, I’m a borderline boomer. In fact I resent that term because it’s not my fault that I was born after 1960 but some loser statistician had nothing better to do than neglect finding a cool name for my generation. My age grouping was the beta testers for high speed internet, bulletin boards, cable television, cell phones, and all the other great tech innovations our society now takes for granted.

Yet it’s the idiot savants that get all the love and the boomers who yes, even as they are dying out, still watch broadcast and cable television news.

Even though it is dying before our very eyes.

Below is this past Friday, June 16th ratings from Showbuzzdaily’s website:

I have highlighted the important part to reflect on this story that I’m writing for my readers. Please note that AEW: Rampage, a wrestling program has higher ratings than any of the news programs. Why is this? Because the American people are tired of being lied to, propagandized at, and spoon fed garbage which states in summation, “you are too dumb to create your own thoughts so use ours.”

Elon Musk did not buy Twitter to replace cable television but he damned well might put it out of business.

The firing of Tucker Carlson brought an earthquake to the already shaky empire that the Murdoch kids inherited from their father with the Fox News Channel. But now it is apparent that they would prefer to be conformists rather than an informational source hence the conversion into a side show circus of programming which consists of Trump apologists and others who will strain credulity to prove they are balanced.

Of course, you the individual are always wrong so you must believe whatever the football throwing fool or other garbage one of the Murdoch minions feed you.

Let’s go back to Tucker Carlson for now.

How has Tucker been doing since leaving Fox News (allegedly) by their banning his programming at quite probably the US government’s request?

Since his first program his cumulative numbers for a free, non-commercial opinion video on Twitter through six episodes as of tonight is about 325 million total views. This is greater than the cumulative views, for 5 minutes or longer, of every cable television news network in the last 30, 60, and 90 days.

Yet the White House, the old media, the Cable TV cabal, and talk radio would have everyone believe that their relevancy is more important. If this were the fight between Facebook and Twitter over importance to American society, Zuckerberg and his company would be ambulatory after Episode 2 from Tucker, but I digress.

What Elon Musk purchased and stumbled upon and into, is a public square with the greatest potential to reconfigure American politics, discussion, and government policy for the next decade. Twitter is no longer just a place where jackwagons like me can offer cheap shot political snipes at the freaks in our society or attempt to warn others about our own nation’s instability.

Twitter is evolving, growing up before our very eyes in just weeks, not months or years.

Tucker will eventually return with a commercial program, which will be extremely viable on Twitter and other social media because it will be offered on demand with monetization far beyond the tired old Big Pharma ads with side effects for the geriatrics who watch FNC. Elon Musk knows this and will allow Tucker an extremely long rope to broadcast his pieces via Twitter to finish the job that the Murdoch kids, CNN, and others began by imploding print, broadcast, and cable TV news’ viability due to their susceptibility to political propaganda and oversight.

IF the government does not stop Musk and he succeeds, it may only be a matter of time before local, regional, statewide or even national political debates will be broadcast via his platform. Local television news stations would be foolish to not present 5 minute regional digests for their cities. The sky is the limit however the dangers of international oversight will constrain the expansion of this revolution initially.

Radio faced the same obstacles in the 1920s and overcame all of the insanity of that era to become the standard for information, destroying print media year by year, over a period of decades. With the speed and evolution of the internet era in this decade that time will be compressed and results will happen in months, not years.

If Elon Musk succeeds, and I think he will, as traditional media fades into senior homes and airport restrooms, even this old salt might just fire up his old radio friends and return to the air once a week via Twitter once Elon gets a viable live podcasting service up and running.

Because let’s face it boys and girls, as insane as things have become, we still have a Banana Republic financial system which might just provide an avenue to success again for those who dare to try. Again.

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