Is it an Omen that a Black Swan Appears in Tiananmen Square?

The Epoch Times reported the following about a black swan appearing in Tianenmen Square in Beijing on September 5th:

According to the state media “Beijing Daily”, after the flag-raising ceremony that day, the black swan suddenly landed on Tiananmen Square. It combed its feathers in the square and strolled in the courtyard sometimes, without intending to fly away.

The swan’s “world-wide” appearance attracted crowds of onlookers and filming, while the staff “immediately maintain order”, “evacuate onlookers”, and contact relevant departments. At 8 o’clock in the morning, the black swan was taken away by the animal protection department and sent to Shunyi District.

This is usually marked by the more superstitious in China as a sign of dire events about to occur.

In totally unrelated news, an asymptomatic case of the China Virus was discovered in one of Communist China’s largest industrial and export cities, Guangzhou. From NTD News:

Meanwhile in a must read piece at the Asia Times, a warning that economic conditions in China might well be why the black swan decided to visit:

V-shaped recovery hopes fading fast in Asia

The most telling excerpt from this excellent article by William Pesek states the following:

As analysts at Nomura put it: “The worse-than-expected August PMIs add conviction to our view that the growth slowdown in the second half could be quite notable. We expect Beijing to maintain its policy combination of ‘targeted tightening’ for a few sectors, especially the property sector and high-polluting industries, complemented by ‘universal easing’ for the rest of the economy.

Julian Evans-Pritchard at Capital Economics adds that “the latest surveys suggest that China’s economy contracted as virus disruptions weighed heavily on services activity. Industry also continued to come off the boil as supply chain bottlenecks worsened and demand softened.”

For those worried about China’s health, Sydney-based Stephen Koukoulas at TD Economics notes “it’s not good” that iron ore prices have fallen toward US$130 per ton. “The slump in iron ore prices will limit the speed of the post-lockdown recovery” in Australia, he says.

Is the black swan not only a warning to President Xi but to the West also? India is not projected to fair much better according tot his article in the Straits Times today:

India ‘prepares for the worst’ ahead of possible Covid-19 third wave

While most Americans play the video game stock market and view that as reflective of “the economy” the situation in Asia is far less certain as well as the new wave of infections sweeping the United Kingdom and most certainly the rest of Europe this winter. Even mighty Singapore, another highly vaccinated closed nation which had some of the world’s strictest lockdowns is now experiencing another wave, forcing drastic measures to check the spread.

All of this and that is before this current American Covid wave finishes sweeping throughout the Far West, Midwest, and Northeast US as autumn and winter approaches.

As the slowdowns accelerate, the JIT system disintegrates further, and the American people tire of being scared to do anything, it’s a foregone conclusion to think that the economy will do nothing but contract rapidly in the third and fourth quarter. Add in any new China Virus vaccine resistant variants and look out below.

Especially as our insane, bumbling government leaders pour gasoline on to the house fire they have created.

Perhaps that’s why the black swan visited Beijing first; it needed a break before landing at the US Capitol building or on Wall Street.

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