It’s a Bubble Part 6: Now the Bubble is Absurd

As the “meme” stocks rally again, destroying more hedge fund vacation paradise plans, the bubble continues on full steam ahead, popping, re-inflating, and dashing hopes that America will ever return to any normal sense of reality.

Don’t believe me? Check this story out from The Wenatchee World:

Back at school | Pandemic continues, but life goes on at Wenatchee and Eastmont highs

Yeah, they have kids playing in the band in a bubble bag.

Just like the kids on Reddit. How cute.

But don’t worry, the priced action the last 3 weeks has been perfectly sane. Let’s check out the latest from our favorite Twitter account, TikTokInvestors:

8% per day? That CNBS network sucks. How can they not provide advice on those types of returns?

But hey, let’s see how other yutes invested and if they followed her program:

Obviously that dude did not listen to the fem genius above earning 8% per day. But how bad was it?

He will not be sitting comfortably for about 3 years. But is he the worst of our recent video lot? Nah:

He’s well on his way to a job as a CNBS/BBG/FBN analyst or commentator. The plastic bull guy had best watch his back. Does it get worse?

Ummm, yeah.

So far we have drunk investing (not advisable, been there, lost money on that), the “call options are invincible” investing, and the FANGS bleeped me videos. But hey, it’s not a bubble, right?

Umm, yeah. However the Punisher paid a visit to Mrs. Market and everyone else today, even thought it wasn’t as bad as it seems:

If you think the Clappening was bad today, wait until correlations return to provide a proper correction. Tomorrow however is window dressing day, so enjoy the wild ride and remember, never buy any crypto or stock while drunk. Physical silver or gold, that’s fine.

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