It’s all About Curing People with Covid-19 (not)

If anyone is stupid enough to believe that those government officials, like Nancy Pelosi who probably has secret investments in Pfizer like Dr. Mengele Fauci, care about curing people with Covid-19 (aka the China Virus) here’s your sign:

So it’s not about “profit” for the elites, right?

Here’s your 2nd sign idiots:

Pfizer’s COVID-19 Oral Antiviral Cost $529 per Course

But it’s worth the cost for the cure (untested in depth of course like their vaccine) right?

Ivermectin: 20 tables, $93.97

Hydroxychloroquine: 100 tables, 200 mg, $43.16

It’s about saving profits, not lives.

Wake up you stupid assed sheeple.

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