More Signs of American Corporate Incompetence

After a wonderful evening with the wife, I tuned into the internet to catch up to the news of the day and what bizarre, freaky, stupid business story caught my eye?

Hertz charging Tesla renters for not refilling gas tank

Are you clowns serious?

Apparently they are as this excerpt from the New York Post story linked above demonstrates:

A customer who’d rented a battery-powered Tesla Model 3 recently was billed $277.39 for gas he could not have pumped into the car.

First of all, I have questions, not all related to this story.

Why in the world did Hertz, a recovering company trying to re-establish its name think it was a good idea to buy Teslas in the first place?

Anyone with a brain in the old version of corporate America would know that there are not enough charging stations nor knowledgeable drivers on how to operate EVs to justify buying 30,000 of them and thinking they could be rented profitably.

I know several truck rental companies that were literally forced by their corporate offices to add EV delivery vehicles to their fleets and they sit idle in the very back of their lots because nobody wants them.

The second question, is what idiot in the Hertz advertising offices thought this would be a good commercial?

Lastly, based on the story above, one has to wonder just how up to date their software systems and IT department really is. How in the world could a system which triggers automatic charges for filling fuel tanks with gasoline be allowed to process these charges for Electric Vehicles? It’s not just incompetence, it’s a sign of poor leadership at the very top of the company.

Unfortunately in America no one in the corporate suite is held accountable unless the stock price drops over 50%. Obviously, this isn’t your O.J. Simpson’s Hertz any more.

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