Now the Sheeple News is Warning People to Prep for Coronavirus

by John Galt
26.02.20 22:00 ET

Remember in the old days when one who prepared for a nightmare scenario like say Bernie Sanders becoming President or worse Hillary Clinton? My readers understand this as we bought extra food, protection, and just in case we faced a mass Arkanicide, NBC gear.

Fast forward to the current events of the day and the coronavirus pandemic (I’ll use the word even if the insurance industry blocks it) and voila. Now the #FakeNewsMedia is promoting guess what?


From Newsweek, which I honestly did not know was still in business, and their article HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE CORONAVIRUS: WHAT TO BUY NOW IN CASE A PANDEMIC IS DECLARED, ACCORDING TO A VIROLOGIST published early this morning:

Mackay suggested that while some things are out of the control of the average person, we can reduce our risk of being infected and cut the chance of running out of essential foods and goods.

The list included extra prescription drugs and over-the-counter fever and pain medicines; feminine hygiene products; toilet paper and tissues; and vitamins “in case food shortages limit the variety in your diet.” He also advised buying items including soap, alcohol hand rub and household cleaning products.

In terms of food, he suggested purchasing cereals, grains, beans, lentils and pasta; tinned food such as fish, vegetables and fruit; oil, spices and other flavorings; dried fruit and nuts; powdered milk; items for pets; as well as soft drinks, candy and chocolate for treats. Mackay urged people to also consider the needs of elderly relatives.

Mackay also provided a list to be used in the event that a “severe” pandemic cuts access to fresh foods. The products “should be the last things to buy if you have a hint of when supplies might slow or stop for a (hopefully short) time.”

Hoo-boy. That should make grocery shopping interesting this weekend. Buckle up ladies and gents, all those cool toys and great foods we purchased over the years are about to get a test drive.

Got scotch?

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