One Chart to Kill the Bull Market Hopium

Gang, I’ve heard some seriously absurd points early on this year.

For example:

I’m old enough to remember when old Ed offered realistic appraisals of markets.

Damn, I’m old.

Then there is the globalist’s favorite con artist speaking his piece:

The Fed’s job is closer to being done? Disinflation? Hoo boy, here we go again.

And it goes on and on….

Everyone is missing one key point.

The Federal Reserve has not stopped raising rates EVER, in history, until the REAL Fed Funds Rate is substantially positive creating real constraints on liquidity and higher than the rate of inflation. From

While many equity technical trends in history are being violated and disposed of in the very short term, real inflation, real interest rates and the false flag of consumer expectations for long term inflation are all hanging over the head of the bull like Damocles Sword.

Do not be shocked if Tuesday is an “up” day on mediocre volume then things begin to unravel rapidly.

Inflation is not in check, interest rates have higher to rise, and worse, the commodity market is preparing to remind the “disinflation” crowd that their cheer-leading efforts are ‘transitory’ at best.

The final bear phase has yet to hit the markets. And this bear is hungry, nasty, and ready to eat and snort his way to new lows.

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