Something Wicked, Down Right Medieval, This Way Comes

Americans have this propensity to be prideful, resourceful, and innovative ahead of much of the “civilized” world and thus the ability in the past 200 years plus to succeed far beyond the capacity of or allies and adversaries. Those in other parts of the world, especially since World War II call it “American arrogance” whereas many of us prefer the term “American Exceptionalism” because it is not bragging if one, or a nation, can do it and back it up explicitly.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end.

Every civilization expands beyond the capacity to profit from its military and economic supremacy to a point where another nation or group of nations elects to destroy the very elements which granted that empire exceptionalism and global domination. That time has arrived for America and it can be summed up quite nicely with the coming famine for which less than 5% of the population is prepared for.

Why would these stories be “featured” headlines in the news, all obtained with a basic Google search:

Eating bugs: Part 3 – Catch and eat them yourself

Why Bugs Are The High-Protein And Fiber-Rich Food You Should Be Eating

Why the west needs to wake up to edible insects

Entomophagy: Why We Should Eat Insects

Do we all have to eat insects in the future?

Could eating bug powder and fungus meat help fight climate change? Yes, but there are easier ways

And on, and on, and on the propaganda pieces pushed by the New Globalist Order are published. Don’t believe this author? Then do the search yourselves.

Then do a search for the term “global famine”…

Glenn Beck’s warning pops up first:

Then great stories and editorials like these follow:

A global famine looms. The U.S. could prevent it

Food pantries struggling to fill shelves amid price increases, food shortages (USA via WHIO-TV)

White House Banks on ‘Price Signals’ to Avert Food Shortage

Yes, this White House:

Food shortages and rising chicken prices could spark riots, farmers say insisting govt is ‘sleepwalking into abyss’ (UK)

Humanitarians urge action to avert famine in Somalia and South Sudan

China cuts phosphate exports to build batteries

Yes, those phosphates, used in fertilizers, but don’t worry the earth will be “greener” with dead bodies everywhere and lots of Teslas.

Cooking oil churning is exacerbating a global famine disaster already unfolding

The looming catastrophe of the global food shortage

Once again, just read story after story, after story. But the people who want this, the designers of the upcoming system change warned everyone:

And yes, these fiends want to kill your poofy dog and Bill the Cat also.

Who am I referring to?

These fiends:

The World Economic Forum and it’s multi-billionaire and political elites have told everyone every move they were going to make. In October of 2019, they practiced a pandemic scenario to seize control. In 2020, they got their pandemic, but failed to seize complete control. They’ve pushed war, famine, financial collapse into full gear now.

You will own nothing and be happy to survive.

You will depend on their vaccines for an immune system.

You will eat bugs for protein and drive electric cars.

You will comply withe all edicts of the Ministry of Truth.

If you failed to prepare by now, you are are pretty much out of luck.

Enjoy your serfdom.

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