The 2021 Mayday Coup

The financial shock jock community has been discussing a market crash for almost four months without any hint of even a minor correction in the offing. Technically speaking, there are numerous hints that a correction is possible, even probably, yet no major move has been allowed by the global central banks to correct months if not years of excessive equity exuberance.

This pattern of BTFD might just come to a crushing end on May 3, 2021.

More about the markets later, this is about the coup d’etat that Globalist, Inc. has been planning for two years and is now about to spring on the unwitting and wasted U.S. public.

Now that half of my audience has tuned out for my “Globalist, Inc.” jab, allow me to elaborate. Only to the most ignorant in our society and globally has anyone not been made aware of the fraudulent efforts to convert the American version of “civilization” into a compliant co-op working with other nations where power and profits, be they military or plunder, are enjoyed by a small select class of people. The conservatives point to Soros (and others), the liberals to “big corporations”, and the sheeple point to “damn, look at the price of regular unleaded.” The latter being blissfully unaware that they are being used like a Manila hooker during shore leave for a USN carrier battle group on shore leave.

This brings our sad story back to May 1, 2021.

Way, way, back on December 16, 2020, I penned a piece here titled “The 100 Day Biden Presidency” where I speculated that the Joe Biden presidency would only last 100 days after the inauguration and end on May 1, 2021.

I stand by that prediction.

The senile old guy has only demonstrated just how incompetent and incapable of performing the duties of the President of the United States to a degree I could hardly have even imagined if this were a Saturday Night Live skit (the old good SNL, not this crap on now).

Photos reveal Biden’s secret press conference cheat sheets

And so it begins and accelerates:

Biden seems confused at times during first official press conference

It only will get worse as the social media elites and mainstream cover for his ineptitude and senility:

The fake news claimed that was “edited” media. It was not. Never in history has anyone had a placard that claims “Office of the President Elect” yet this old loser was never challenged.

Did anyone take one moment to ask why? I did. The fraudulent election is one thing, that is obvious even to the most corrupt statistician. But to cover for someone who is mentally incapable of doing the job and bringing in a political whore, realistically and figuratively, as Vice President can only lead to one, glaring, sad, logical conclusion:

President Harris is coming soon.

But why May 1, 2021?

First and foremost, symbolism for the “Progressive” global elites. By using that day to put into power the first “black” women as President of the United States, America can now join the club of second class powers like those in Europe as a member of the big club which will enable the final deterioration of our quasi-capitalist system based on Constitutional freedoms. The elites who wish to completely manage the world and its major economic and political structures want to rub the average American citizen’s nose in it like an untrained dog that crapped on the carpet. The enshrinement of Kamala Harris will result in our nation coming to a hard stop as the nation mourns Biden’s deteriorating health while Jill makes a huge profit off of her pity party and Kamala becomes POTUS of the new order.

Secondly, that is the perfect breaking point for the thirteen year economic bull market. By breaking it at this point in time, the introduction of centralized control economic theory with MMT will enable the Wall Street elites to rake in huge profits off of the ineptitude of the politicians while at the same time buying them off to ensure that they can never lose money no matter how high the inflation rate skyrockets or if deflation seizes control of the hard assets (homes) that most Americans view as their primary investment vehicle.

Lastly, and most terrifyingly, the instability created by this political dislocation will guarantee a future conflict involving the United States military and some allies. By displaying third world banana republic tendencies, the other primary powers in the world will seize upon the American inability to control what appears to be random outbreaks of military action; be it an Israeli attack on Iran or China seizing Taiwan.

The idea that MayDay now officially becomes a globally recognized holiday to celebrate economic, race based, and political diversity is a dream that Karl Marx could only have fantasized about over a century ago. Yet here we are, about to fulfill the true meaning of capitulation to man’s weakest tendencies, the willingness to submit all freedoms and security for peace and prosperity in our time.

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