The Coronavirus Crash has Hit our Supply Chain (Video)

04.03.2020 22:35 ET

This video is from a friend of mine on Twitter who goes by the handle BattleBeagle (@HarmlessYardDog) who found this via LiveLeak. The audio is self-explanatory but I shall follow up with more information the truck driver left out to fill in the blanks:

I can understand why the truck driver did not disclose which port she was at (as it is a Federal crime to make a video recording there), but the information she provided gave me a clue when she said that she was at the Yang Ming Terminal earlier which is at the Port of Los Angeles. The video above is from the Port of Long Beach in California which used to be one of the busiest ports in America, operating 24/7 to bring in cheap Chinese and Asian goods for American industry and consumers.

Add this recent Tweet from an employee at the Port of Los Angeles and think:

Apparently this is no longer the case as of the end of last week 50% of the longshoremen at the Port of Long Beach have been laid off due to a lack of work.

How bad is it? Google Maps has this picture posted by a Christopher Platt this month:

The photo above somewhat validates here commentary as the port is normally bustling with ships preparing to offload or reload and containers stacked as far as the eye can see. Instead this photo shows idle cranes and a port that is as dead as I have ever seen one in my life.

Inbound for the Port of Long Beach in January 2020 was down 4.3% which is the latest statistical release from that port. But based on that photo above and the video, February is going to be much, much worse. This means that supply chain issues are now here and consumer goods are going to start to vanish as the lack of imports finally hits America’s store shelves.

This storm will not pass easily and hopefully everyone has heeded my advice and the advice of others to prepare for a situation where America’s overseas addiction to cheap labor would come back to bite us in the ass and destroy our economy.

That moment and the painful bited has sadly arrived.

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