The Corruption of the Fed, Wall St., and D.C. in One Short Story

Those of us who have been swearing at, about, and repeatedly about the cabal of corruption which now manages the political and financial affairs of the Banana Republic of the USA are exhausted. However, whenever there is a chance for those of us to say “see, I told you so” by God I am going to take that moment to remind my readers of just how bad things really are.

This tweet referencing a story from the Wall Street Journal sums up quite a bit of the problem we the plebs face as our nation descends into a heavily armed Venezuela at light speed:

Awesome. Talk about making sure that the Speaker of the House is never called out for illegal insider trading. Why not name Hunter Biden to the SEC while you’re at it Senile Joe?

Then there is this beauty of a story that Glenn Beck has been dancing around and referencing on a broader scale on his radio program. Wall Street on Parade has been exposing the corruption at the Fed, in the boardrooms of the banksters, and Wall Street for years now. This story though really sums up just how bad it is:

These Charts Show How the Fed’s Secrecy Has Killed the Price Discovery Function of the Stock Market

The level of debauchery and disregard for capitalism and the American people is beyond any reproach. This brief excerpt gives my readers a taste of this must read article:

The secret loan program was the Primary Dealer Credit Facility (PDCF) – the same program the Fed used during and after the Wall Street collapse in 2008 to funnel $8.9 trillion in cumulative loans to foreign and domestic trading houses and banks, according to an audit conducted by the Government Accountability Office. The cumulative total, adjusted for the term of the loan, for PDCF loans from March 20, 2020 to May 12, 2021 was $5.78 trillion.

Not one dime of that money was used to make investors whole who had their funds stolen by Wall Street banks using illegal derivatives and selling them off as “viable” investing instruments during the 2006-2009 era. Not one dime made it to Main Street or small corporations.

The system is irrevocably broken. What they have planned for us next should terrify us all.

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