The End of the Modern Pax Americana

And just like that, the Empire collapses without even a whimper.

I would like to think that President Biden knew what he was saying at that moment, but he picture above him and the video from Kabul seems to indicate that he and his staff were not just ignorant but blind as to what is happening in the world. In my opinion, what we are witnessing today is just an exclamation point to what began in 2009 with the transition from Bush’s globalist imperialism to Obama’s rent our military mercenary program:

The end of the modern Pax Americana.

Of course many will criticize my analysis as rehashed nonsense from articles that have been penned since 2012 in conservative and liberal bastions of so-called intellectual thought. The usual suspects will accuse me of a poor “hot take” during this moment of crisis. The truth is that surviving the 1970’s gives one a different perspective, as the realization that this time we may not recover from the damage being done not just to our society but the global destabilization about to occur will have impacts on Western Civilization for decades to come.

Ever since the moment President George W. Bush declared “Mission Accomplished” on board the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln, the Pax Americana has been in danger. The waste of resources, manpower, and mythical expertise used to manage Iraq and Afghanistan was a joke in the mid-2000’s and deteriorated further after the financial crisis of 2007-2009. President Obama had a chance to engage with our allies and enemies and end this overseas adventurism after winning his Nobel Peace Prize for something, but instead, decided to expand War, Inc.

The results after eight years of expanded conflict under Obama’s regime was a bloody civil war in Syria, the destruction of the nation of Libya, a budding conflict between Egypt and Sudan (still simmering), an expansion of the Afghanistan war, collapses of democrat and autocratic governments in Africa, and Islamic militarism reaching a peak on a global scale. This does not even tough the election interference in Latin America and Europe, plus other examples in Asia. All of which simply justified the expansion and expense of private military forces like those managed by the U.S. State Department, CIA, and other agencies to create a for profit model for global conflict. None of this was designed to accomplish a suitable political outcome and as a result, the world became more destabilized than ever since the early 1970’s and the end of the LBJ-Nixon Cold War conflicts.

During the election of 2016, one candidate spoke out and said “enough” by promising to end the era of global interventionism and endless war. President Donald J. Trump however made the mistakes many of us feared he would and instead of confronting the problem head on, succumbed to the allure of being popular in Washington, D.C., hiring the same generals and bureaucrats that created the conflicts and expanded existing ones under George W. Bush. At the same time, his greatest error was listening to the abhorrent advice from his son-in-law Jared, which not only alienated much of the D.C. elite but prevented him from getting sound advice from some of the insiders he trusted during the campaign on issues of foreign policy. In the end, President Trump helped to wind down some of the wars, but by failing to dismantle the War, Inc. cabal in our nation’s capital, he has guaranteed that global adventurism will continue at great expense to the average soldier and American taxpayer.

Fast forward to the events today. Kabul has fallen. President Biden is on vacation. There is great speculation that he has no clue as to what he is doing, but the truth is that his handlers view him as nothing more than a figurehead, signing and saying what he is told to much like Governor Le Petomane in Blazing Saddles:

While I wish that were a sarcastic joke, the Biden administration sadly is pretty much like Governor Le Petomane in that movie. Thus what does that mean for America and the world?

After the fall of Saigon in 1975, it wasn’t much longer before President James Earl Carter entered the White House and under his four year reign of incompetence, the USSR expanded it’s empire and influence, inflation ran amok destroying the middle class and expanding the ranks of the poor, and the United States seemed to be on the brink of a major war with the USSR which would have resulted in the destruction of most of modern civilization.

Today we can see eerie similarities; inflation is running out of control, our central bank is totally clueless as to the pain and destruction they are inflicting on the middle and lower classes, the political elites have tuned out the voter and focused on personal profiteering instead of their Constitutional duties, and globally the very peace which was created with the collapse of the Soviet Union is now in danger of imploding on a global scale. The Biden junta has promised to leave Syria and Iraq by the first of 2022, and worse, the support for India with cooperation and trade agreements secured by President Trump are basically being ignored and bypassed in favor of Communist China. The buffers which contained the adventurism of Russia and China are now collapsing and discussions about Taiwan and much of the Ukraine being lost are serious matters under consideration within the intelligentsia who actually pays attention to the reality on the ground.

No nation will trust their treaties or their futures, nor should they, to the word of an American leader for decades to come, thus marking the end of the alliance system for containment and world peace.

With the Taliban returning to power, Al Qaeda and other radical groups now have a base of operations to work with under the protection of Chinese military outposts on Afghan soil which may well be in operation before the end of 2022. The Chinese played the long game letting the USSR and United States empire building collapse on the streets of Kabul, before making their true intentions obvious to the world.

Thus why the 5 Nations Railway Corridor is crucial to the Taliban government so they can receive not only protection from American interventionism, they can export fighters at will through Pakistan while importing needed foodstuffs, energy, and weapons from Communist China. In exchange, the Chinese government will send their enterprises into Afghanistan for the prize we failed to exploit:

Rare Earth: Afghanistan Sits on $1 Trillion in Minerals

To the untrained eye, it would appear that Chinese have done well to master the empire building game while exploiting smaller nations in Africa, Latin America, the Pacific Rim, and Central Asia. All of this while America is entering an 1970’s era of emotional depression, military exhaustion, and economic decline due to inept leadership for over two decades. Imagine waking up in early 2022 to see Chinese military aircraft operating from Bagram, a realistic possibility.

The most terrifying aspects of the collapse of Pax Americana will be the revival of the Islamist terror networks left unchecked at America’s southern border and throughout Europe. Unchecked, radical Islamist actions inside of the United States will or can be attributed to “radical right wing groups” inside the U.S. who oppose the political will of the domestic leadership.

If I am correct, and War, Inc. is about to lose their ability to operate freely overseas without creating calamitous results of a nuclear conflict between Russia or China with the U.S., it begs the question will they simply shut down operations? Apparently not as the “wokeism” we are witnessing as a society implicates their ultimate goals to not just engage in a reset of our nation but something far worse.

When a company fails to find an overseas market for its product, imposing its product on the American consumer, whether they want it or not appears to be next. The American people are not like France or Germany where there will be a brief period of protests and anger while governments continue to operate in violation of their nation’s constitutions for the “greater good.” The U.S. mindset is just not built to tolerate nor endure the imposition of a new system be it for our health or peace in our time.

What we are about to endure inside America will be a historic mistake greater than any other in modern history, as the Pax Americana fades into the sunsets of the Middle East and war erupts around the world.

Welcome to the Ruina Americana.

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