The Inflation and Supply Chain Crisis are Crushing the Biden Regime (Videos)

Today and yesterday was another pathetic attempt to claim that the supply chain crisis and inflation were in check per the mouthpieces of the Biden junta. For example this beaut of a talking point which Senile Joe uttered yesterday during his “supply chain” Zoom call yesterday and repeated ad naseum:

Of course pictures like these from a Wegman’s grocery store in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. do not count according to these frauds:

That of course doesn’t stop Jen “I spread fertilizer” Psaki from this Tweet:

Then again, let’s check out this story from the Junta’s favorite “business” news channel, CNBS:

Shopping in stores on the final Saturday before Christmas down 26% from pre-pandemic levels

If the “shelves are stocked” then why are sales down?

If the economy is booming then why are those of us quoting facts called the “Grinch”?

Perhaps she should aim her ire at Fox News and all of these Biden Regime voters in Maryland for this story:

Watch the latest video at

Nah, it’s propaganda from those evil racists at FNC, right Jen?

If so then please explain this sign at Wegman’s, again, from the Washington, D.C. suburbs:

Or perhaps Mayor Buttplug and Jen can explain how that extremist right wing media outlet CNN put this on the air this morning:

This overview of how bad it is for Senile Joe is stunning (from the CNN story above):

The good news for the junta?

2021 is almost over.

The bad news for the regime?

Inflation is about to get substantially worse in the first half of 2022 and he’s more clueless than Jimmy Carter as to how to deal with it. The lower and middle classes are about to get crushed and the idiots running this regime, just like those fools in 1979, have no clue how to fix it.

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