The New Cryptocurrency Craze

The chart used for the headline on this article is amazing. It has all of the characteristics of a new cryptocurrency but also has the instability of the old “shitcoins” as they are called when one looks at the chart.

If anyone is investing in these instrument in a standard manner, I provide the same warning that I did when Bitcoin and Ethereum started their crash from their all time highs; guard your money because the creators of these “investments” can change the rules on you at any time.

What are they called?

Check out the full charts below and reflect on the crypto crash, the fast and flexible rules imposed on traders, and the lies behind them.

Yeah, uh, what happens as the US government decides to spend even more? 5% yields anyone?

The instability in yields shows that the Federal Reserve has to be the buyer of last resort or at least convince the markets they will do so. Jay Powell is now the Elon Musk of the US Treasury markets so I wonder when he starts to Tweet cute snide remarks just like Elon.

Meanwhile as the UK government’s finances collapse, their economy continues to destabilize and yet the bond yield is not reflective of the energy crisis about to engulf their nation also. The tout by the Truss government that “they are winning the sanction war against Russia” will only keep the British people warm until winter begins. Not to mention investors can be intimidated by the Bank of England until they view the gilts as just another emerging market bond.

Buckle up folks, yields are not even remotely high enough to reflect what the Fed and other central banks must raise rates up to win the fight against inflation. Unless of course they surrender and agree to allow hyperinflation to ravage their citizens to collapse the current system and set up a new global digital currency.

Aka, another shitcoin.

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