The Santa Clown Rally has Begun!

Ah yes, the annual Santa Clown rally has started and you know what that means?

So what if it smells like Biden’s Depends? Buy, buy, buy.

Unless you have Covid like Jimmy boy who advocated the US military going door to door to force the public into vaccines. By the Jimmy, how did those three shots work out for you now that you’re positive you infected dreck?

Onward and upwards (?) to the markets the last two days.

As I warned last week, this market is not healthy in the least.

Today and yesterday were only validations of a very scary trend that that the central banksters are hoping to postpone until next year. The volume the last two days was meh, the breadth bleh, and momentum a joke. So do not take this chart as wonderful by any stretch of the imagination:

Friday’s blow out was just that. Everyone of importance is on vacation and if the junior partners call, it had best be for a 7%+ correction happening that day.

Enjoy your Christmas. Even if the Santa Clowns are running the FinBiz networks to broadcast utter bullcrap for the next 10 days.

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