The Stock Market Sends a Stark Warning

Thus far the US stock markets are trading in “meh” territory.

What is “meh” one might ask?

Yup, that will do it.

Volume has been meh, which means no commitment to bulls or bears since May.

Other than the “Magnificent 7” stocks, no one really wants to come out and play bull or bear.

I last spoke about the sell in May and go away theme but in reality, it’s been a park and pray strategy which is now imploding on the little guy. This little gem from last Friday should have been a hint:

In a “bull”market I would dismiss this as profit taking. But that posting is an indication of major distribution by big money players, not mom and dads with their 401Ks.

However in the currently potential for stagflation due to Fed impotence, this is a huge red flag. Why would the big boys sell their number one asset just as valuable as US Treasuries heading into the last half of the slowest month of the summer?

So what happened for the virgins, is this. The Big Boys ramped stocks up since January. They teased new all time highs without risking too much capital as volume has been pathetic since January. When you idiots bought all the crap, like AAPL, TSLA, and NVDA, they turned around and quietly started distributing stocks to liquidate their positions heading into a high risk crash period.

A crash of their own making.

What in the freaking hell is the next question from the Gen-Z/Millennial morons that think they can out program some old asshole who did it all in assembly and realized the game was rigged since 1990?

The reality is that the markets are going to crash. It’s called the harvest and the Fed big boys have been doing this in cycles since the late 1940’s to cull their non-party players (See Kaiser Aluminum and Lehman) to keep their con game alive. When the moment hits, they will crash it again, just like 1991, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2008, 2019, and on and on.

If you ain’t in the club you do not get to play. And this time the crash is not the big “reset” the talk show goons are bragging about. Nay, it’s a practice run to see who will survive the big one in 2025 and will play along for a true digital currency economic system. I know it sounds like space cadet Alex Jones crazy stuff, but if one looks at all the evidence, there is no reason to think this can not happen here with an aging demographic, willing to sacrifice personal freedom for economic security.

Think about that as you trade ahead.

The most turbulent period in American history since 1930 is about to begin.

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