The Twitter Files 12/26: Trump Lied to Everyone

To those of us who remember history and the dark early days of the pandemic, the concerns that this was a new bio-weapon or outbreak of a Spanish Flu type disease was palpable. The facts were being rationed by the governments of the world. The CDC and WHO were actively covering up instead of allowing the free flow of information to the masses. Observations by individual citizens and bloggers was dismissed as “uninformed” or just isolated to those areas of the country.

The truth was that there was a substantial and directed effort to silence and nullify any information which ran contrary to the narrative being established by the public health elites under Trump, Dr. Fauci, and Dr. Birx.

But who gave the government the order to stifle free speech, censor those with alternative viewpoints, and prevent facts which later turned out to be accurate and important?

That’s right, the President of the United States in 2020, Donald J. Trump.

What was revealed this morning in the Twitter thread by David Zweig was nothing short of a long term coordinated effort to cover up the facts and protect the narrative of Covid-19 being a true public health emergency which should give the government unlimited powers, including censorship, destroying individual’s livelihoods, and overthrowing of the ability to conduct elections without suspicion ever again.

All with Donald J. Trump’s blessing as he lost control of the very administrative state he promised to destroy by merging his germophobic fears with the very power he claimed he wanted to destroy.

The first Tweet up summarized the content of the thread:

Needless to say, the Trump administration, not Biden’s, began the practice of using the tech companies to discredit anyone who disagreed with their policies.

If anyone is shocked by this, then they did not pay attention to the systemic suppression of information coming from India and Sweden about the disease and alternative treatments.

Again, this was not a Biden program to begin with, in fact the program was only accelerated once he seized power and expanded to include all enemies of the regime. Trump failed to do that because his staff advised against this and to limit censorship to those opposed to their Covid policies, the vaccine development, or economic programs.

Yet by documenting “panic buying” which many of us witnessed first hand, those individuals pretty much became targets of the “Swamp” to which Trump proclaimed falsely he was against. In fact his actions indicated that he endorsed the mass censorship and blocking of alternative treatments and reporting of facts at the very time they were needed most.

The Tweet above truly highlights the merger of government with private corporations to impose censorship and a pre-determined scientific bias against any point of view which existed outside of the Trump White House’s narrative. By endorsing the use of big tech to engage in this activity, the Trump administration guaranteed its own destruction when they failed to check this activity in the summer of 2020 and allowed his enemies to wrest control of it from the government for their own nefarious purposes.

The incompetence and fear exhibited by Trump’s inner circle allowed the creation of a Soviet style of censorship and the establishment of an economic enforcement group within government agencies which destroyed the lives, businesses, and impaired the freedom of millions of Americans. The Trump’s administration’s willingness to create economic gulags to fulfill a flawed public health policy has demonstrates his personal lack of understanding and empathy now provides some validity to the claims that he is unfit for high office ever again. Being “right” in his eyes is more important that doing what is right for the people of this nation.

Yet after all this, Donald J. Trump has yet to ever apologize for any of this nor his constant promotion of the vaccines to this day.

The entire in depth coverage of this story by David Zweig can be read at this link at The Free Press.

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