Today’s Market Action Was Worse than it Looks

As the market came to a close today, one thing was clear:

Decades of central banking malfeasance, government corruption, and immoral behavior is about to come due.

Edward Dowd, a former BlackRock executive said it best today:


On top of the $29.8 trillion the Fed gave to banks around the world to keep the system from imploding due to our derivative driven 2008 melt down. Dear God, it’s no wonder hyperinflation is now around the corner.

On to today’s market and some spicy outcomes for the major indices despite relatively low volume across the board:

As one can see, these are not good looking charts with the Dow being the best of one ugly group. It too will get taken out soon enough.

Meanwhile in major bankster land:

Chart courtesy of

And if the big boys are getting smoked, there’s bigger problems rotting underneath. Such as how do banks perform any major deals or normal loan activity into an inflationary, then soon to be hyperinflationary environment. They do not teach that one at the University of Chicago, trust me.

The big culprits today?

Facebook and Amazon:

To be honest I haven’t seen a gap down that big since Kamala Harris visited Willie Brown under his desk in San Francisco. Meanwhile in the former kingdom of Bezos…

If the 15%+ rally projected for tomorrow rolls over and falls flat, it’s the ultimate omen for the markets, especially with $90+ oil hitting hard tonight.

Things are about to get a lot worse and the jobs numbers are going to be fraught with lies about “Omicron” causing all the problems. It is the supply chain, inflation, and government incompetence.

And as such, we are going to see a depression, riots, and wars around the world unseen in modern human history. Just remember, one more time what the former BlackRock executive said above:

“Under the cover of Covid they were able to print 65% more money to keep this thing afloat, but we’re at the end days here.”

The end days, indeed, are here.

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