Update on Southwest Airlines Vaccine Protest: It’s Spreading Faster than the China Virus

Welcome to Atlas Shrugged ladies and gents.

Human Events commentator and video host Jack Posobiec stated the facts today on Steve Bannon’s War Room program and just wow:

And so it continues. Now it is spreading to the railroads, other airlines, and workers across America.

This was totally predictable when a government attempts to impose its will on the health and well being of freedom loving Americans who are sick and tired of this authoritarian power grab by the Biden Junta.

Thus an industry already beset by poor service, rude flight attendants, and survival based on poaching the American taxpayer because the US government has screwed the private airline system up so bad from security mandates to insane flight restrictions that fewer and fewer people wish to deal with the insanity they desire.

Fast forward to this weekend and the story highlighted yesterday about the thousands of flights canceled by Southwest Airlines. It turns out that not only did the ATC group call out of Jacksonville, FL air traffic control center, but Amtrak workers, and others are now staring to experience non-sickout sickouts to express their displeasure with management.

The truth is worse. The woke corporate boardrooms still think they can order the American public and ALL of their employees to obey. If Southwest Airlines is the tip of the iceberg, then President Biden’s “mandate” may well destroy this nation’s economy far faster than anyone could ever imagine.

And for the record, as per The Federalist, there is NO legal, binding, nor official mandate for private employers (Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Doesn’t Exist. It’s Just A Press Release).

When I first read this article, I thought to myself, is this true? So I went to the OSHA website to see what new regulatory entries regarding an employee vaccine mandate were filed in the past 30 days:

It sounds to me that the lack of a mandate opens up the corporations enforcing a “press release” up to some major litigation and if they elect to terminate employees on a non-existent regulatory filing, large rewards could be coming to some cunning trial lawyers and workers illegally terminated on Senile Joe’s phony edict.

Stay tuned folks, Atlas is Shrugging and our nation is about to enter into a very, very, dark period in our history. Only time will tell if the republic, as constituted now, will survive.

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