Videos Summing up the Rising Grocery Store Inflation

Today I thought I would just remind the “inflation is transitory” and “inflation has peaked” crowd just how full of it they are. Because barring an outright deflationary crash like 1929 or 2008, these price levels will be sustained for quite some time thanks to the bad policy choices of the Federal Reserve and US government since 2009.

Ouch. She might want to switch from Target however which is usually 10-25% higher than most grocers on those items.

Apparently food inflation is not an issue in St. Croix, right Senile Joe?


The only things that need to expire are the terms of our Congress and the Federal Reserve Act.

But, but, but, Joe said…

There is nothing to suggest prices will be coming down at least in the first half of 2023. In fact based on the feed and fertilizer crisis from last year, I look for prices to be substantially higher by this spring and early summer. If anyone needs proof, here is what yours truly paid for a dozen eggs just before Christmas:

Prepare for some serious economic and inflationary pain this year folks.

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