Now that Elon is in Charge, Let’s try Twitter One More Time

Since it would appear that it will be a while before he decides to free all of the suspended accounts in the conservative gulag, aka, moi, I decided to create a new account to see how long I’ll last. His current strategy for opening up Twitter are not so inspiring:

In other words he may or may not be full of it. But it would appear that those of us under our original user names ( will remain banished with thousands of our followers wondering if we are still alive.

At least in the gulags they serve good vodka.

Or not.

Meanwhile, I’ll try it one more time during the mass confusion and panic among the Twitter sheeple being terminated.

My new user name, wait for it, it’s original is:


Let’s see how long I survive and I promise, there’s no point in pedo jokes about Senile Joe or Hunter’s stripper collection.

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