When Your Childhood Sports Heroes Start to Die, You Know You are Getting Old

It is a sad day as one’s parent’s get old and die, you watch your friends die, and people you were fans of as a child pass away.

Pelé was one of those heroes of my era.

Way back in the late 1960’s I was a little rugrat playing soccer. It was still a relatively new game in the South and just starting to build a fan base. One night my dad told me that I was going to get to play a game at Atlanta’s Fulton County Stadium as a pre-game “fun” game before the pros played.

I guess I went out and terrorized the other team as usual then went upstairs with the rest of my fellow rugrats to watch the NY Cosmos against the Atlanta Chiefs. Needless to say our coach was all hyped up as he got to meet Pelé and then watch the game. All I remember from that era over 50 years ago was watching him glide up and down the field making fools of the Atlanta players.

Today he passed away due to an illness at age 82.

You did more for the sport of soccer on a global scale and setting the imagine of children on fire about playing the game you did.

You were a true ambassador of the sport.

Godspeed sir.

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