02.18.22 War Drums Update 1930 ET: No Apologies, just a Drink

After watching, listening to, and witnessing all the news in my office today; I decided to take the mature, adult approach with my co-workers to deal with what is coming:

I went to a bar with my old friends in the Englewood, FL area tonight. For those not familiar with my radio show, yeah, I like to tip it up, have a good time, and drown my sorrows.

This is one of those nights. Here I am in South Sarasota County, responsibly buzzed (yeah, shut up) and here we are.

It’s about to get real; more so than any time on my show when the banks were imploding.

So grow up if you are not prepped. Grow up if you think the US government or media will tell you the truth. And STFU if you want to criticize my drinks of choice because yeah, we always finish our evenings asking our local bartender to play this song and fill that drink order.

And pour one, two or more for America:

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