81 Million Votes my Butt

The most “popularly” elected President in U.S. history, yes, even more popular than Saint Obama, apparently may have a popularity issue. The constant chanting of “F**k Joe Biden” and “Let’s Go Brandon” at sporting events, concerts, night clubs, etc. by America’s yutes, the declining approval ratings which are just about to Jimmy Carter levels, and a leftist media’s trustworthiness at all time lows should provide a hint as to why.

But this brief clip from a local radio station by Jack Posobiec should provide more insight:

And what does the top 8 on iTunes look like yesterday? Here it is:

Once a presidency loses the under 25 crowd, it’s a matter of when, not if, he is replaced. There is no respect for the Democrat Party leadership, Kamala or Senile Joe, nor the talking heads on television. Collegiate admissions are down which further complicates the ability of the left to indoctrinate a new legion of Marxists.

The powers that be are living in their own sphere of denial. The D.C. to Boston corridor thinks that they know what is best for everyone else and that the complaints of inflation, empty store shelves, and an out of control Southern border is just noise created by the “right” which should be discounted. The popular backlash against this elitist thinking is now being witnessed as displayed by the “Let’s Go Brandon” movement.

All of this bad news for the most “popularly elected” President in U.S. History spells bad news for everyone in the end, as this spiteful, bitter old man will only engage in more drastic actions against American’s freedoms as he sees his final exit approaching.

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