Is the United States Government Preparing for a Civil War?

The short answer is obvious:


But why and how can this be quantified?

The news of the day should be shocking enough to wake some people up but in reality it has been an ongoing process for well over a decade now. After all, training in US cities for “anti-guerilla” unit action has been highlighted with exercise like those in Miami about 9 years ago:

The proverbial “black helicopters” were dismissed as conspiracy theory, much like the false hope of the Covid vaccine (via Project Veritas):

Have no fear folks, if you think that this was one large operation to overthrow our freedoms, YOU are a conspiracy theorist and capable of insane beliefs like that of our own government detaining its own citizens without Constitutional due process.

Jan 6 Political Prisoner Troy Smocks Is a Black Man Originally from the KC Housing Projects – Today He Speaks Out from the DC Gulag and Refutes the Narrative That He is Housed with White Supremacists

But don’t worry about the domestic Gitmo, hell, that doesn’t apply to leftists who bomb or threaten to bomb US government targets or civilians, that only applies to those who walked through the Capitol building on January 6th and took selfies.

Are we seeing a pattern yet?

Then today we get the breaking news:

Biden’s Education Secretary Allegedly Requested ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Letter From School Boards Group

How did that work out?

Try this:

Sen. Grassley: Garland’s Refusal To Retract Bogus ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Memo Will Have ‘Chilling Effect’ On Parents’ Speech

So now not only are people opposed to the Biden Junta considered terrorists in the eyes of the left and media, now soccer moms are framed to be the same.

The pattern continues, but let’s go back to the black helicopters and review some more video:

I understand the concept entirely and have done so since the Obama regime instituted more of this training, but it raises questions in this current environment with the war games (exercise in their lingo) about to kick off again:

1) A US “city” or village is in no way a simulation for conflict overseas unless the French are going to boycott an escargot price increase and Paris begs for NATO assistance.

2) The “dress code” selected by the US “guerilla” forces is an abject joke. No way would most individuals who were seriously engaged in such an action dress as the selected “combatants” were:

While the exercises seem realistic enough (done since 1974 with SF) it would appear recent modifications are more towards urban guerilla groups versus our new third world adversaries. Sadly, the idea that a domestic “uprising” like the supposed 1/6 “insurrection” and other “militia” based scenarios is as dated as Hillary Clinton’s wrinkle cream. If anyone thinks any “American insurrection” would take the might of the US military on head on in small or large towns, they are insane. Thus why the exercises in major US cities a decade ago had everyone scratching their heads.

3) The exercise does provide some good tactical training for the ground troops; sadly it does nothing to sharpen the strategic nor long term training goals by our SF should they have to face Spetsnaz or other nation’s units in small strategic value conflicts overseas such as in the Ukraine, Poland, or the Arctic.

It’s almost as if a lot of these exercises in the modern era, outside of 29 Palms, etc., are more so designed to intimidate American civilians rather that provide a useful military exercise.

Thus after all of the alleged military confrontations between the US government and civilians in the last 30 plus years the question must be asked:

Is this the final preparation for a Great Reset in America?

Imagine the following, and please, give me a little rope and room to explain:

a. A pandemic which is not highly lethal is exaggerated to expand domestic police powers over citizens and their health.

b. The pandemic leads to other nations taking advantage of a weakened America, resulting in overseas conflicts which further weaken the US.

c. That weakening results in an economic collapse and the seizure of individual citizen’s personal financial assets to “stabilize” a deteriorating domestic economy.

d. Leading to food shortages, rationing, massive unemployment, and the resulting domestic unrest.

e. A “Great Reset” of America’s Constitution, freedoms, economic, and political structure will be required to “equitably” restore our nation.

Thus if you oppose the “stabilization” policies which would be strictly against the US Constitution, what would that make you?

Department of Justice to create a domestic terrorism unit

Excerpt from the YahooNews article linked above:

The Justice Department is establishing a specialized unit focused on domestic terrorism, the department’s top national security official told lawmakers Tuesday as he described an “elevated” threat from violent extremists in the United States.

Other than a few isolated incidents in the last decade, most of the “violent extremists” have had ties to overseas extremists or, ‘gasp’ dare I say it, Islamist terror groups. The domestic “terror” units are basically isolated lunatics or FBI undercover units creating crimes where none existed before to pad their stats and get hefty bonuses. If the threat of domestic militias were real, an open conflict would have started already based on the existing state of affairs in many American states.

The problem with such a unit as described is that it is not a “law enforcement” nor terrorism prevention unit. The obvious disdain for the Constitution by the FBI has resulted in a total loss of faith in our government LEO’s by both the left and right. In fact it is too a point where many who pay attention are beginning to realize that domestic US version of the Stasi, under the banner of domestic security, is now being expanded to silence and eradicate in some cases, any opposition to the regime’s policies and actions.

It has become obvious that the coordinated efforts of the US government to fuse the military (in violation of Posse Comitatus) efforts and training with a political arm of the government designed not only to destroy dissent at the will of the ruling party, but any aspects of the US Constitution not already in the shredder is widely in the open to anyone who pays attention.

As our nation begins to lose its overseas empire ladies and gentlemen, I would suggest that everyone check their six; as anyone who cooperates with or works for any department of the government, at any level, should be viewed with a cautious, hell suspicious, eye towards their motives be they personal or political.

Choose your friends and allies wisely.

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