Justin Trudeau’s Days as Canada’s Dictator are Numbered

This week, Justin Trudeau’s greatest nightmare hit during the Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa. No, it wasn’t a violent attack on the Canadian government. And no, it wasn’t a large group of people heading to his spider hole where he is hiding from his own population like Mussolini in 1945.

There was a rave in downtown Ottawa.

Turn the volume WAY up, especially if you have commielib neighbors who hate you:

Why is this important?

There are markers in history that those of us geek out about who study events globally on a daily basis.

The bottom line is simple, just like any authoritarian dictatorship in history:

The dictator has lost the youth.

Once a dictator loses his young supporters, the ability to maintain that aura of invincibility with the lure of free money and a socialist utopia vanishes. The “scare” from the China Virus is evaporating globally. Nations are dropping their vaccine passports, mandates and restrictions. But Canuckistan under Herr Trudeau insists they are “protecting” his people.

They no longer believe him.

His lies about his blackface incident were dismissed as extremist political talking points.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has become a bigger joke than it was two years ago with insane statements like this one:

The people apparently no longer believe their government. If the youth are willing to violate the quarantine, the rantings of a desperate dictator, disbelieve their state run media, and go party with a bunch of “rednecks” who drive trucks supposedly sponsored by Russia, then Trudeau is of no use to his handlers.

Look for him to resign soon enough, in disgrace.

Sadly, this means a strongman is coming. He will be deemed a hero who will lift the restrictions only to impose harsher edicts during the end game.

The Great Reset must be stopped or it will only get worse in the end as the Davos fiends resort to their final weapon against the masses:

Global War.

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