The Pathetic State of Western Propaganda

What I am about to post a picture of is an actual story in the UK Telegraph tonight, a once respectable newspaper which has joined the insane clown posse of globalist chatter and nonsense well over a decade plus ago.

Yes, it is a serious commentary from a once serious newspaper. The following excerpt from this story is truly a sight to behold:

While Russia may “win” the battle, it appears destined to learn a further painful military lesson: any “victory” in Bakhmut will be a strategic defeat. At the cost of tens of thousands of troops – at least 20,000 by most estimates – and an inordinate amount of artillery and ammunition, Russia will have gained its first significant battlefield victory since last summer.

Instead of facing reality, where by using economy of force as Russia did, the Ukrainian military sent thousands of men into an artillery shooting gallery where the Russians did in fact have a 7:1 and up to 8:1 casualty rate compared to the Ukrainians (for the Western impaired, that’s 1 Russian killed or wounded for every 7 or 8 Ukrainians).

The theory now is if Russia wins, it loses, no matter what the reality on the ground is. It’s almost as if the UK Telegraph hired all the old wire writers from Himmler’s distant relatives to come up with crap like this just like he did in 1944 and 1945.

Just when one thinks they can not read enough nonsense from the Western fake news propaganda machine, here comes The Washington Post on the morning of March the 8th, with the mother of all insanity:

Intelligence officials suspect Ukraine partisans behind Nord Stream bombings, rattling Kyiv’s allies


Intelligence and diplomatic officials in the United States and Europe suspect that pro-Ukraine saboteurs may be responsible for explosions in September that severely damaged the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines, an attack that could erode support for Ukraine among the Western nations that have come to its defense against Russia.

I’ve highlighted that opening sentence from the article because everyone knows there is no way that unnamed “intelligence and diplomatic officials in the United States and Europe” would lie; right? This is laughable because it has long been known that only three nations have the submarine and special forces capabilities to execute this act of war on the pipeline; the US and UK being two of them.

Thus the so-called mainstream media continues to lie and cover up for the blunders of the EU/NATO cabal as the Ukrainians have resorted to sending older men (50+) and teenagers to fill their lines. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of videos and pictures like this one on social media everywhere:

Folks, I have no horse in this race other than to say the world is on a collision course for a major World War for which the United States is ill prepared. But these images give me no joy but fear that it’s 1945 but this time the war does not end when one side loses.

I fear it expands.

The propaganda by the West will ensure that when their sons and daughters start to die in large numbers, that the use of any weapon will be justified.

In the mean time, enjoy the lies.

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