Prepetorial #7: Friend or Foe

By John Galt

November 23, 2007

Mayor Donaldson was sitting at his desk sorting through the new stack of memos and advisories from FEMA and HSA when Mary his secretary opened the door with a somewhat distraught look on her face. “Mary, are you okay?” he asked as she sputtered there’s a Lieutenant Colonel Marc Philips here to see you.” The Mayor cleaned the pile up on his desk and placed the FEMA memos on top of a neat pile in his inbox and uttered to her “show him in please.” Lt. Colonel Philips looked as if he had been wallowing in the mud for days and to find an officer in Orange, Virginia this time of year who was not related to anyone in town. “Mr. Mayor, your honor, thank you for your time” said Philips, “we need to have a heart to heart talk.” Stunned, the Mayor said “well since we’ve never met before and I’m assuming we’re not at war, this must be pretty serious to have a Lieutenant Colonel sent to see me.” Philips knew he was getting off on the wrong foot, but time was pressing and he knew it. “Mr. Mayor, we’ve been at war for three months now and my unit the 2nd Battalion from the 82nd Airborne  has been fighting our way up to here for weeks now. The war started in Texas and our unit and many others have been at it since then” said Philips to the stunned Mayor. Barely able to speak, the Mayor said “who have we been fighting with? Mexico? China? Russia?” Philips sat down and spoke softly “we’ve been fighting with Mexico, a UN contingent and ourselves. My unit is on the march to D.C. to try to end this thing, and we’re down to 271 men after losing our armor and the casualties in the Battle for Salisbury, North Carolina. I need medicine, supplies and most of all, any volunteers who want to help end this thing.”

“Oh my God, the television and radio say nothing about this” said the stunned Mayor. “I can not believe we have had another civil war start, I just can not accept that. I mean how do I know you’re not here to just wipe my town out. How do I know you are for real. How do I know if you’re a friend or foe?” Lieutenant Philips leaned over and spoke bluntly “I know if you had any amateur radio operators they were all arrested about two months ago, were they not?” Mayor Donaldson leaned across his desk “how did you find out about that?” Without hesitation, the Colonel said “Sir, I’m in the know. There was a universal declaration of Martial Law via an executive order. Anyone known to have communications equipment was locked up. The entire nation is locked down with military checkpoints on all major highways. The media is calling it an isolated regional thing. But when the food riots broke out in Texas last month, the military was sent in. When they refused to fire on civilians, all hell broke loose. Another unit was sent in, the commander of the dissenting unit taken out and shot and then the military started fighting each other from within. She called for UN help and that’s when it started to fly apart. I’m going to be honest with you Mr. Mayor, if you help us, they might use the Air Force to bomb your town out of existence if they find out you helped us, thus I can’t promise you anything as they might just do it anyways to divert food to the large cities. But I can tell you one thing, the war is spreading. You’ll be forced to take sides one day and your men will be drafted. This will be your only free choice so if you elect to not pick sides today, you will be forced to in the future. This much I can promise, not everyone in the military wearing our uniform believes  in enforcing the Constitution” and with that, Philips stood up and waited on the Mayor’s response. “My God sir, do you realize what you just said? That’s sedition and treason under the new administration! You can get shot for that and I don’t know if I want my town mixed up in this. I will call the city council together and we’ll talk about this. I pray you are wrong but do not take offense if we sit this war out” said the Mayor. “Sir” Philips said, “ I pray you and your council think this over. Regardless of your decision today, the media blackout will not last much longer. Word will travel and you’ll find out the truth. Hiding from it only delays the day of reckoning.”

 With that the officer shook the Mayor’s hand and walked out the door. The Mayor called his secretary in and sheepishly asked her to summon the council for an emergency meeting. “Pray for us Mary, our town needs it” said the Mayor as she picked up the phone with a worried look. As she picked up the phone, the roar of jets was heard overhead flying low over the city. “Friend or foe?” the mayor thought to himself and with that he went into his chambers and wept.

For those that are tired of reading my fictional moral dilemmas, I must ask a simple question:

“Do you ever plan or think about the future?”

This essay is not too much of a reach if you pay attention to what has happened the last twenty years. In the past twenty years, we reduced the size of our military to “save money’ and at the same time our nation went further into debt. Our military influence was increased via a technological monster that we thought would cure everything and that robots, not men, would fight the wars of the future. While that thinking is not totally incorrect, the times we are in now still require boots on the ground. The evidence of the technological theory is being destroyed by the Taliban as I type this now, who claim control of 53% of the Afghan countryside. There are so many naysayer emails and messages that I receive which state the essence of “it can’t happen here” or words to that effect. Yet the financial markets are in complete casino style disarray. Our political system is as corrupt as Caligula’s Rome and as inept as Nero’s fiddling while it burns. Worse, our nation has become a collection of fat, lazy government dependent welfare recipients which has forgotten that the ideals of self-sustenance and self-sufficiency is what created this nation and made us great. Lastly, and worst of all, we have abandoned our religious principles, the moral compass which made our nation strong and helped us over come the trials and tribulations throughout our history. Instead of being content to deal with the domestic expansion of our influence and using the guidelines and laws provided to us within the wisdom of the Founding Fathers, we have elected to apply “interpretations” which are modified on a decadal basis for the convenience of the citizens.

Once our financial system finally breaks down into the ultimate crash which happens to all fiat currency based mega-debtor nations, the last thread which ties us together shall disintegrate. We will fall into a level of chaos unseen even in the 1990’s Argentine situation and the food shortages which will inevitably occur will alter the balance of power from that of a nation full of  loyal citizens into foraging lunatics, desperate to obtain food for our families and willing to violate any standing laws, including God’s moral laws, to obtain what is needed. These upcoming shortages will not just be for food, but water, energy and medical care as well. This leads to an inevitable breakdown of civilized control and worst, on a region by region basis, civilian government control. The foreigners can see the handwriting on the wall. From a financial point of view, they could come back here and buy so many of our companies and resources up ten times over but yet they seem to be quietly staying away. Do they detect the obvious? Do they fear that we are the nightmare scenario that their nations will have to deal with in the future? That is the crux of where this prepetorial is heading. And the crux is we will be alone.

The United States military was culled and surveyed to death starting in the early 1990’s. There was an effort to insure nothing but the most loyal troopers were in place as the wars of the future were going to be a tad bit different than the first war to liberate Kuwait and the invasions of Panama and Grenada. The word from the alternative media and quite a few ex-military in the mid-1990’s that a survey was conducted about gun confiscation and killing American  non-cooperative citizens was issued. While most in the mainstream dismissed this as the ravings of lunatics and anti-Clinton and anti-American zealots, the fact still remained. As we approach the end of the first decade in the 21st century, the realization that the basis for this survey should hit home. But let’s just disregard this piece of evidence. Let’s look at other factors. There are many soldiers who are warning via numerous back channel sources that their families need to make serious preparations for an upcoming disturbance in the American way of life. This too has been dismissed by the mainstream as nonsense but if you put your ear to the ground, you realize the political truth in the structure of our military; generals are by and large politicians now, everyone else is a grunt and does as they are told. So many of our dedicated soldiers have questions not so much about policy, but the implementation. The dismissal of so many officers over the past years for disagreeing with the Commander in Chief can be questioned not as the CIC’s right to do so, but the why? Why such a huge turnover. And why are we so openly courting foreign troops in a latter Roman Empire bid to trade citizenship for service? The answers are disturbing if you look within to answer them.

Thus the basis for this little story, and the question “friend or foe?” One day, not like the media’s answer to patriot culture in the television show “Jericho”, a soldier or large group of them might show up in your town. The debate will not last long. Both sides in the initial months of a civil war will claim they are fighting for the Constitution. Both sides will claim they are there to protect you and your family. Both sides will make claims of atrocities committed by the other side. The debate will end when they act. And then you will be forced to decide. That is where the prepping and planning comes in. You must, under any circumstances, have the ability to stay in contact with the outside world. The small town I used (and have visited in my past) has a population of  little over 4,000 folks now. If, which actually could be “when”, hostilities break out, the spark will be obvious to those who pay attention. The small towns will become the battlefields, the large ones bypassed and starved into submission. The decision on your part and your town’s will be vital to your survival. You will have to know the feeling, mood and input of the soldiers in your town. You need to know how they will side. Listening and communicating with the outside world and bypassing the propaganda will be key to your survival. Failing to have a plan for these events could lead to some luck, and the decision never having to be made by you and your family. Or it could lead to a painful death by firing squad or biological attack on your town. The time to start putting an ear to the ground and listening to what is coming is now. The time to believe everything the government tells you is now up for debate. Make friends, get information and decide your future now. Because if the answer to the question turns out to be “foe”, it’s too late.

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