Prepetorial #9: U.R.A.

By John Galt

December 6, 2007

Officer Carmine Lewis tore the ticket out of his book and asked the elderly man to press hit thumb on the scanner on his ticket book. The old guy sneered and pressed his thumb down on the reader, mumbling under his breath. Lewis then proceeded to take a card out of the back of the book and read the man his rights:

 “Sir, you may pay this fine of 150 Ameros online. Otherwise you are required to show up at the Magistrate’s office on Thursday, December 24, 2015 for your hearing. No attorney will be appointed for you and no attorney will be allowed to represent you at the misdemeanor hearing. If you fail to pay the fine or show up at the hearing, the state will automatically debit your account for 300 Ameros on Friday, December 25, 20151 and a limitation notice placed on your account. Do you understand the rights I have presented to you?”

 The old guy snapped back “yes and I’ve been on this earth for sixty-one years, wounded in both Gulf Wars and now I’m getting fined for flying the flag I swore to defend. Just what the hell is this world coming to?” Officer Lewis sensed the agitation and replied calmly, “sir, I can only enforce the laws. One of your neighbors complained and the Flag Act went into effect on January 1, 2013. The law is quite clear that you must fly all three flags or the new unified flag of the Union. Just as the old man was getting ready to vent some more Lewis’ partner yelled from the car “we have a 580 in progress” which cut the conversation short as Lewis ran back to the squad car.

 After strapping himself in, he answered the call and his partner, a twenty year old French-Canadian proudly proclaimed she had downloaded all of the information on the call and mapped it out. Yvette proclaimed “apparently there is an Intel report that this group may be armed and dangerous Lewis” which did nothing to comfort the twenty-four year old Lewis. As they pulled the car into the neighborhood, the S.W.A.T. group was surrounding the building. The Captain was on the scene and barked out to us “cover the team as they enter, watch the streets for any assistance offered to the perps.” To Yvette and Carmine they knew what this meant; it was a sure sign that snipers might be active in the neighborhood. The Public Safety Officers finished isolating the rest of the neighbors and getting them out of their homes when the thud of the door being collapsed in was heard. The house being breached was about a fifty year old split level home with a full basement which is where the criminals usually hide.  The small Christmas decorations on the windows were the dead giveaway and Lewis thought to himself “yep, a definite 580” when the crying of children disturbed his train of thought. As the children were marched out of the front door, Officer Lewis noticed the Mexican Task Force group watching the proceedings with the Captain. The officers knew what to do and tied the plastic handcuffs around the children’s wrists to insure that they could not drop a grenade or surprise any officers. Another officer took them behind the bomb squad curtains with a MTF officer to strip search and insure the kids would not explode as rumors of such events happening everywhere in this state were posted on every alert board for law enforcement nationwide. Next the women and men were marched out, one at a time, most weeping and praying out loud. We knew none of them had the national IDs as these resisters were a thorn in the new system. After all of them were strip searched and then placed in the “bags”, the pink utility suits which doubled as restraints, the paddy wagons started to show up to haul them all away. Lewis could not resist asking “Captain, how many this time?” The Captain smiled and said “ten children, five women, and eight men. But we’re giving the men to the MTF, they need the practice. The kids go to the school outside of town and the women to the factories.” Lewis, being a relative rookie didn’t quite get it. He asked “practice for what?” The Captain pulled him aside and said “you know, interrogation, prisoner processing and handling, target, whatever. They are hear to learn and there is no use in sending more mouths to feed to the labor camps. They are filled to overflowing now.” Lewis nodded in understanding, smiled and moved back to Yvette who had a puzzled look. She said “so what is it with these people? Do not they know that practicing religion without a license will get a 580 called on them. These Mennonites are so anti-social, I just wish we could find them all and end this once and for all.” Lewis could only look sadly at her and reply “it’s not just the Christians who are a problem, the Jews are even worse. We always have  a pick up in business right before the holidays it seems. Why they can’t  just acknowledge the new church regulations and become part of society is beyond me.” With that, the Fire Department arrived to finish the job. The house would be raised as a practice house for the department after they cleaned out all the loot. And the danger of the cultists would hopefully mark the end of another busy day in their little region in State District  41, formerly part of Southeast Ohio. Business was good now, too good. And the officers were just ready to get off work and grab a beer.

No, I’m not talking about science fiction from some late night movie in this story. And this is not an economic rant like so much of what I write. I sense a noticeable shift in our nation’s attitudes, like we are becoming ashamed to proclaim the religious ideals of our Founding Fathers and to defend the traditions our nation were founded on. The premise behind this editorial is not just the ultimate fantasy of the political correctness ACLU crowd, but the goal of the Marxist followers. The nation could quite easily deteriorate rapidly into an economic tailspin or political crisis which opens the door to the events described above. If you do not think it is possible, then you need to do a moral checklist on yourself and pray for guidance. Residents of 1921 Hamburg, Germany did not think it could happen their either.

The situation where the Weimar Republic found itself created an economic tailspin which worsened until an authoritarian regime came into power to revitalize the nation and bring “order” out of chaos. The same dilemma happened in Czarist Russia as the concept of “any revolution” would be better than starving, thus opening the door to Lenin and his ilk. As people became less and less responsible for their own actions and abdicated personal responsibility to seek food, shelter and personal pleasures at the expense of morals, the judgment of people will and has throughout history becomes morally stagnant, justifying anything and everything to improve the personal lot of those in power in exchange for perceived personal benefit or freedom. This nation, and the others in North America could easily face such a moral dilemma in the immediate time horizon. The test cases have been held and even though there are moral victories to keep Christmas as a holiday in name only for example, the technocratic machine continues to march forward to keep those of faith in a state of constant defense.

So just what is the “U.R.A.” and what does that have to do with the ongoing moral and religious crisis our nation faces? The “United Republic of the Americas” is just one of many names we could see selected for our grand economic union which will rapidly evolve into a political union to insure order and domestic tranquility. The proposed NAU is not just a threat to our economic freedoms as Doctor Jerome Corsi has so succinctly outlined in his writings, but it will expand beyond that to unify the diverse nations in every aspect of life. The concept and fight against a “National ID” is nothing more than a waste of time, a fallacy, as there is no desire to create such identification, only the technology to expand the idea into something more insidious. The union would require the creation of a new currency and what better way to insure you join up with the program than to force you to carry an “Union ID” with all of your monies located on that one single magnetic strip; unless of course you chose the chip. As you can see in the commercial marketplace the training of the American people is in place to use wireless monies and identification cards issued by banksters nationwide with your photo or thumbprint located prominently on the front. Yet this is not just the “mark of the beast” that many of us have fretted about; it is the control such a system could easily impose. Your freedoms, of movement, of commerce and even religion could easily be added to such a strip on the back of such a card. And that’s where our nation will cease to exist. And the real fear plus the mark begins.

Imagine the day when you  go to your local government office or bank to sign up for this card. You turn in your cash, driver’s license, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid or other welfare benefits card, all your credit cards and sign on the bottom line. Then you are programmed into the “new” system and the old one just absorbed into a new era of efficiency and convenience. But as the situation becomes so dire, so financially disastrous, the more socialistic or “progressive” thinkers who will be in charge elect to eliminate tax exemptions for all churches except those who have “universal” services to allow preachers, rabbis, imams or witches of all faiths to practice in the houses of worship. Those churches that refuse to comply or become licensed will be deemed “resisters” and taxed out of existence or worse. And your personal religious affiliation will be programmed on to your new “Union ID” to insure you do not attend churches which are not part of the program. The media propaganda machine will be turned on to shame those churches, leaders and flock as some sort of freaks where the “old ideas” are so hateful that more drastic action will eventually be promoted to “eliminate” the problem. As insane as that sounds, I cite “Waco” as my first and only necessary piece of evidence that such actions are not only doable, but successful when initiated with a blanket of media deception. While many dismiss this is as the rantings and ravings of  another right wing loon, it does not take much of a step to figure out the path of least resistance for a society in decline is to find the scapegoats, label them, and deprive them of their freedoms to benefit the “masses.” This is the path I fear we take when we initiate the union of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. We will sacrifice not only our sovereign rights and freedoms, we will elect to accommodate all beliefs to keep the peace and forever exempt the church from having a political sway or influence in the new world order of political decision making. The International Council of Churches and other such organizations have already taken the first steps by insuring that those beliefs held by traditional religious society are mocked and those followers labeled as extremists or pariahs in the modern world. The media as their willing accomplice will comply to make matters worse and that leaves each of us, as individuals, with disturbing moral decisions to make.

I pray to the Lord that I am wrong, that this is not the path we are taking. But the prevalence of so many former Communist Party officials who used to work behind the Iron Curtain obtaining positions of power in this nation point only to a soon to be implemented Iron Fist approach to anyone who objects to financial, political or moralistic changes to be implemented for the “good” of all societies in the future. Most technocrats who prefer this path insure such actions are put into motion first by reprogramming the children then dividing a society. The expansion and glorification of so many “feel good” religions to accommodate everyone from dope smokers to pedophiles should be your first clue. Divide. Conquer. Remove. The program of the new order descending upon us. Just as the good book said it would.

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