And Another Prediction Might be Coming True: Covid in New York City

I had no clue when I spent the time last weekend to think logically through what could happen in the weeks ahead that it could occur so quickly. For example, from that prediction thread:

7. A new Covid variant is discovered in New York causing the re-introduction of lockdowns and masking in most of the state. New York City real estate prices plummet. The severity of the outbreak is overblown so as to re-introduce mail-in only balloting in the November New York elections as the “outbreak” reportedly spreads to other states causing them to follow suit with election “safety” and other such nonsense.

The news as of Friday reflects that this prediction could actually be coming true in real time. From NBC4-NY:

NYC Pushes Indoor Mask Advisory for All as ‘Worst’ Omicron Strain Fuels 6th Wave


All five boroughs of New York City are back in the CDC’s high-risk category for COVID community spread as of the agency’s Friday update, a reflection of the increasingly infectious national climate as the worst version” of omicron yet holds its dominance.

Wow. Granted ti was not “discovered” in New York City but the new “Ninja” variant is going to be blamed for all of the problems they are about to endure there. The New York City health department is already warning everyone to mask up:

Double masking?

I guess Florida’s population is about to increase again.

Keep this story in mind as crime is out of control in New York City so odds are they will use the re-introduction of limited lockdowns, as I predicted, to “keep people safe from Covid-19” when in reality it will be used as an excuse to help control criminal activity.

To add to the hysteria, here is the latest from the CDC so apparently the Democrats are terrified of actual free and fair elections this fall:

CDC: BA.4, BA.5 Responsible for 70% of New Coronavirus Cases

Of course, it will not work so get ready for excuses to maintain the lockdowns there and block in person voting.

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