Attention GOP Fans: Don’t Get Too Excited About Tonight UPDATE 0430 8/17: Murkowski Survives, Cheney is Gone

Just a quick update courtesy of

Murkowski survives her primary and will face Kelly Tshibaka in the November election. Look for Mitch McConnell’s PAC to sink millions into this race to keep one of his favorite RINOs in power.

Meanwhile in Wyoming, the Lizard has been sent packing:

This will not be the last America hears of Liz Cheney. I am sure Bret Baier at FNC will urge management to hire her after he’s done crying about this loss. The RINO propaganda network never misses a chance to give a Bushie or Cheney acolyte a job to keep spewing their poison.


For all of my long time readers, you know the truth. For my newer fans please understand, I am not a “die hard party guy” and view the Republican Party as a sewer of corruption, graft, and traitors who have helped to sell our nation out to the point where we are now.

Hell, the only difference between Liz Cheney and Hillary Clinton is that there is no proof that Clinton’s dad shot anyone. She’s just as corrupt, just as vile, and just as wickedly murderous as her venal father.

So as the primary elections move forward state by state, I warn everyone about Alaska and Wyoming tonight:

Do not underestimate the McCONnell Machine.

Minority Leader of the Senate Mitch McCONnell has amassed a PAC (that’s ‘Political Action Committee’ for those of you hamstrung with a public school education) which is reportedly worth more than $200 million, maybe even $300 million dollars to block Trump candidates and support the RINO movement.

Even worse?

There are rumors that McCONnell’s affiliated Senate Leadership Fund is supporting Democrats against pro-Trump or pro-Constitution candidates.

It’s truly that bad.

Hold on to your hats however if Murkowski in Alaska and Cheney in Wyoming somehow pull out a win.

The new elites know no limits to cheating in elections nor will stop to honor any laws to achieve their desired outcome.

I just hope and pray I’m wrong, but it’s a gut feeling the RINOs have learned to cheat as well as their Marxist Globalist partners in crime.

21:30 ET: I’m adding this update only because this Tweet summarizes how the Lizard in Wyoming and the Globalist pig in Alaska will cheat:

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