BREAKING NEWS 10.04.21 20:10 ET Part 4: Project Veritas Bombshell from Pfizer Scientist – Natural Immunity Better than Vaccination

Published 04.10.21 20:10 ET –

This will not set well with the Vaccine Nazis who insist that everyone gets a jab, a booster, and more jabs to booster the booster even if it doesn’t really do as much as getting the China Virus and then developing natural antibodies.

From Project Veritas via YouTube:

The second scientist really summed it all up though where they said the immunity probably lasts longer than any vaccine due to the construction of the vaccine versus the long term benefits of natural immunity. I doubt seriously that CNBC, the Senile Joe Junta, Dr. Fraudci, or any shareholders approved of that message.

Thus all those days and weeks that CNBC and other networks had Pfizer board member and former FDA Commissioner Gottlieb under President Trump was basically out pumping his own book for profit versus quoting actual science. And when it comes to science, I think these scientists are probably speaking accurately and truthfully because they are not married to Pfizer’s stock price unlike government officials or Dr. Fraudci.

Just wow.

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