Gloryiski Taxpayers! We’re Now Paying for Pravda Just Like the Old USSR (Video)

So would the Cold War have turned out differently if Tom Hanks was Brezhnev’s spokesperson?

Naturally, Amerika can not have a Pravda propaganda division with Tom Hanks without having a national propaganda radio outlet on radio that no sane person listens to. Thus NPR joins the fray by demonstrating their dedication to the party line:

NPR Stands Behind Debunked Fable About SCOTUS Mask Controversy

So let me get this story straight; NPR creates a story with “unnamed” sources then the US Supreme Court engages in the rare act of calling it fake news. Of course NPR replies back to Supreme Court justices that they are lying to cover up a fake news story.

Gloryisky Amerika!

The News(peak) has been issued for the night!

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