MAGA Died Last Night

President Trump’s MAGA plane crashed last night.

No, not the literal Boeing 757 Trump private aircraft, but the concept of “Make America Great Again” and all of those talking heads who hooked their train cars onto the imploding “I” train that hit the side of the mountain with last night’s election results.

“45”, aka, former President Donald J. Trump spent a lot of his political capital promoting candidates which should have won easily against the policies of a feeble, senile President and his supporters which created an inflationary nightmare along with a 1970’s style economic slow down; aka, stagflation.

Instead, in an almost sad pathetic fashion, he tried to make every local, statewide, or gubernatorial election about “him” and his 2020 failure to prevent election fraud. Yet here he was this past cycle, just like this video from 4 weeks ago in Mesa, AZ, talking about himself and the “past” far more than the candidates who needed actual support:

There are consequences for not promoting those who support an ideology instead of just talking about oneself. For two years now, every interview, every speech, every promotion of another candidate has been about the 2020 election and “I” which is reflective of Trump’s personality. The failure to expand the movement and instead focus on past failures is reflective of individuals who fail to expand on an ideology. This is a problem which has little appeal to Mr. and Mrs. Main Street and their daily struggles to survive.

While Donald Trump portrays himself as an anti-establishment GOP firebrand, his campaigning for candidates is more reflective of how Mitch McConnell conducts his business. If you are not one of Trump’s “allies” he will not provide resources to defeat the opposition and even if one aligns themselves with him ideologically, rarely does he provide any meaningful financial backing.

This is not about becoming a kingmaker, it’s about Trump’s ego, and last night that part of the movement imploded in spectacular fashion.

Thus by default, former President Trump’s failure to capitalize on what should have been a cake walk for the GOP last night has turned the infighting between the establishment wing, MAGA, and the new conservative movement into a political party which is truly in shambles. If anyone thinks that Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, or Kevin McCarthy give a crap about this internecine strife or the American people, they are sadly mistaken.

The paralysis in Washington means the establishment (GOPe) can cut larger deals, make more money personally, and leave office wealthy as America slides into an economic depression. The nation is in deep dire trouble now and the current Republican leadership has failed the people by supporting its candidates across the board and stopping the bureaucratic state that they apparently wish to maintain.

MAGA is no longer a movement, but a footnote, much like the Tea Party movement and the Contract with America of the 1990’s. The GOP establishment will now survive, flourish, and sadly restrain conservatives from saving this nation from a Euro-Socialist style of decline. While the elites may have blunted the return of Trump and the America First revolution, they have ensured a decade of political and economic instability barring a miracle in 2024.

Recently the American conservative media mocked the situation in the United Kingdom with Liz Truss and Boris Johnson, the reality is that the next two years in the United States will be equally, if not more illustrative of the establishment war on the citizenry. The US will now end up becoming a partner with the European Union, United Kingdom, and remaining Asian-Pacific economic bloc in restoring the traditional globalist order, no matter the cost in blood or gold.

The nation will now pay the price for raising generations of intellectually lazy voters as it slides into a period of darkness for which the average American is little prepared to contend with or comprehend.

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