Oregon Officially Wins “Most Retarded State in the Union” Tonight

The fact that I have to interrupt my cigar and sipping of Fonseca Bin 27 to type this confirms this fact.

I thought to myself, “gee, let’s take a quick scan of the news and what’s surging on social media” and little did I think that the state of Oregon would lead the way. First of all, it’s a horrid state west of I-5. The people in the eastern half want to secede and join Idaho and why they do not do it using every means necessary is beyond me. Thus as long as you decide to remain party of Oregon, yes, you are just plain stupid also.

The big state newspaper, no, not Pravda, The Oregonian tweeted out a helpful video tonight to the citizens of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Oregon to help them during a “major heatwave” or something:

No, I’m not making this up.

This is real.

We have people this stupid as part of the United States.

And the scary thing?

They probably believe Biden got the most votes in history, the Federal Reserve is good, and Portland is a great city safe for children and women.


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