Senile Joe Claims “Right Wing Americans” Need F-15’s to Fight the Government

The Taliban, Viet Cong, and ISIS would like to enter this conversation.

In my almost sixty years on this earth, I have never seen anything, ever, and I do mean ever, like the video with the newly announced candidate for President who is running again in 2024:

Last I checked the cave dwelling Taliban did not have an air force to fight for their freedom. So Senile Joe, let’s do a quick trip down memory lane, just about one year later, of Kabul and your junta’s track record:

Ah yes, the famous scene of desperate locals who worked with the US handing their first born children to US Marines. But wait, there’s more:

Hey Joe! Look at that. The ISIS terrorists don’t need an air force either to kill US soldiers and innocent civilians.

Naturally if you do have an air force with F-15’s and C-17’s like the US does, nothing bad happens to the “people” they are supposed to protect, right Joe?

Just the cost of doing business, right Joe?

Next time someone tells you that a man with a rifle who knows how to use it isn’t a threat, talk to a vet. They will tell you stories about Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam that might provide you with a different perspective.

Unlike Senile Joe who keeps on about Corn Pop and acting like a racist.

The leader of the “free world” my ass.

This meme really sums it all up:

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