The Indictment and Arrest of President Donald J. Trump

The title itself sounds like a leftist romance novel where the Marxists all achieve orgasm simultaneously upon seeing the upcoming Trump perp walk.

But is it that far fetched?


In fact, brace yourself and prepare for it in every manner you could conceive of; financially, with supplies, and to protect yourself and your family.

The truth comes back to this quote from Tom Wolfe’s book, The Bonfire of the Vanities, where New York State chief judge Sol Wachtler who said that “a grand jury would indict a ham sandwich, if that’s what you wanted.”

So a corrupt Federal prosecutor (check) who has a vendetta along with many others in the Department of Justice (check) decides to empanel a group of left wing individuals on a Federal Grand Jury (check) with the blessings of a corrupt Obama appointed Federal Judge (check) and voila.

Trump will be indicted, arrested, and perp walked on national television before the November mid-term elections.

The facts will not be relevant. The backlash though incredible will be off the charts. And if some idiot decides that January 6th did not go far enough or the FBI stages a classic Patriot Front false flag, then the justification for a national emergency and harsh repercussions against “red” states that support Trump will be imposed.

The current administration is nothing more than a group of errand boys paving the way for a “miraculous” new candidate in 2024 who can win and integrate America into the WEF fantasy for the world to prevent mass starvation and financial ruin. Republicans are a divided party where the pro-globalist branch led by Mitch McCONnell and his merry bunch of easily bribed boobs will sell out the freedom of American citizens in concert with One-Eyed McCain and his traitorous RINOs in the House.

Thus the next step, sometime in October when the polls flip towards the GOP again, is when I look for this major disruption to distract from the next surge in inflation, financial dislocation, and international anarchy which will begin any time now.

Hell, I look for this national emergency to push the fringes and consideration of limited martial law in some areas just so “mail in voting” and “drop boxes” can be imposed to make sure the leftist and globalist elites do not lose this election.

Buckle up folks, because America’s politics which already teetering on the fringe of becoming more fraught with conflict than 1982 El Salvador or Ukraine today, this nudge may just push our society over the edge with frightening speed.

Remember, all of this is planned to occur in such a manner to force your compliance; comply or starve will become the unwritten mantra.

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