The US Military is Preparing for War: On the American People

There was a period in time when even the craziest conspiracy theories use to drip down my back like water off a duck’s butt.

I remember talking to friends in the services who tried to downplay the stories about US Marine training for weapons confiscation during the Obama years along with the wild stories about how he purged most of our best mid-level O-3 officers in the ICBM silos.

Hell, I remember watching this scene from The Man in the High Castle and it sent a chill down my spine as I thought to myself that yeah, this could happen here but this is fiction.

Now, as I reflect on the stories and watching that scene, it doesn’t seem so crazy.

America has been infilitrated by idiots like Milley and Austin who were primed and prepared for the stage they hold now during that time period where politics was prioritized over Islamist terror, open borders, and a rebuilding Russian military.

Thus this morning while sitting in my office enjoying some coffee I posted this Tweet, of which I had no idea that I had struck a nerve:

What was I replying to? This video of an actual US Army Staff Sergeant venting about the ability of ordinary civilians to use their 2nd Amendment rights:

The Pentagon is not preparing for World War III.

The officer corps is not preparing to launch a sure fire war that we will lose to China and Russia’s combined forces.

They are preparing for war with you, the American people.

Prepare accordingly as the indoctrination of our military is now complete.

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