Now Belgium wants to Retrieve its 200 Metric Tons of Gold from UK Depository

by John Galt
February 4, 2015 17:55 ET


Suddenly no one trusts the former “allies” in Western economic capitols any longer it would appear as now Belgium joins the growing list of nations retrieving and shipping their gold from overseas depositories and storage to place in their own nation’s safe hands. The story from the Belgian national broadcaster, RTBF earlier today (translated via Google):

Belgium will repatriate 200 tons of gold stored in Britain

Belgium wants to repatriate 200 tonnes of gold worth $ 6.2 billion. Ingots which are in Britain.

The National Bank has 227 tons of gold. 27 tons are scattered between Canada, Switzerland and Belgium. The remaining 200 tonnes are in London, in a really safe place: a vault located 20 meters deep and behind walls a meter and a half thick. Single key 7 cm long, to open this place, which is also protected by a password.

The Belgian gold is stored with gold from France or the United States. It was at the end of the 30s that our gold has taken this path. And this in fear of a German invasion. In addition, the Bank of England had at the time of the safest chests in the world.

Times have changed. English trunk is always safe, but countries prefer money home. Furthermore, as stated Het Nieuwsblad, renting expensive: €250,000 per year.

Obviously for security issues, no details on the date of return. The army thinks about it for months. A boat with 50 armed men followed by a helicopter will handle the transaction.

The amazing thing is that the sheeple fail to understand the significance of the actions being undertaken by nations like Germany, Belgium, etc. to repatriate their gold home. The mainstream media, especially the financial media, insists on educating the masses that gold is a valuable metal but as far as an investment it is useless. However they refuse to educate the population as to the key fact as to why the sudden and urgent move by these nations to move their gold from the United Kingdom and United States back to their homeland:

When fiat currencies start to collapse, of which the Euro and US Dollar are indicating some rather nasty end of life tendencies at this time, the only monetary unit translatable into any currency and recognized by individuals and governments alike is GOLD.

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