02.09.22 War Drums: Getting Quietly Louder

Today was a fascinating day when the realization is starting to come over the Western powers that their threats and intimidation tactics may not work against a unified Sino-Russian strategic and economic bloc.

In fact, it may backfire spectacularly.

The news of course starts in Europe and the UK Daily Mail never disappoints:

STEPHEN GLOVER: Vladimir Putin is a nasty piece of work. But forgive me for saying so, when it comes to Ukraine I think he’s got a point

Needless to say he’s as popular as a Boris Johnson Christmas drinking game during the lockdowns now as the warmongers will never approve of such commentary. Of course, there’s more building evidence of things getting a little edgy:

Putin’s superyacht is spotted ‘fleeing’ from German shipyard to avoid being impounded’ by sanctions if Moscow invades Ukraine

And the propaganda thrown out by the British and US press is only going to get louder in the days to come. Then again, that doesn’t mean the President of the United States is in any condition to do anything meaningful to prevent a potential major war on his watch:

White House Sends Kamala Harris to Europe to Lead on Ukraine Crisis

The same person who can’t secure the US border is going to secure the Ukrainian border against Russia? Zelensky might as well surrender early and beat the rush.

In reality though, beyond the window dressing politics of Western political elites who are more than willing to sacrifice Ukrainian lives for their globalist ambitions (again), there are major military movements and events happening over the last 24 hours.

Noted military commentator on Russian affairs on Twitter, Rob Lee, posted the following this afternoon:

Needless to say, supplies are moving forward in a disturbing development indicating that the pre-conflict supply chain along with short range aviation is being moved forward towards bases closer to the Ukrainian border:

And more BTG’s and support units moving forward also:

From Black Sea News (via Google Translation):

Preparation for the “sea blockade” of Ukrainian ports

Excerpt from their blog entry:

We do not want any panic, but it is very similar to the preparations for the “sea blockade” of Ukrainian ports. Which we have been warning about for 2 years … This must be stopped. At the highest international level. And do not panic, because when the word “blockade” will be the first to change plans … It requires joint efforts. Right now.

…This is what the closure of the Black and Azov Seas for missile and artillery training announced by the Russian Federation looks like – from 21:00 (UTC) 13.02.2020 to 21:00 (UTK) 19.02.2022. There are no corridors for the passage of merchant ships. (This has not happened in the last 8 years).

The Black Sea in the northwestern part opens to the border of the territorial sea of ​​Ukraine (12 miles, sea border), in Azov – from the shores of the occupied Crimea to the shores of the Krasnodar Territory.

It’s a fascinating analysis but when one reads the following Tweet and all of the events that coalesce during the February 13 – 20 time period, it does give one pause:

I would call this coincidental any other time but considering the stakes, this is most unusual and the methodology does indicate either a blockade (an act of war) or imminent action in the weeks ahead.

More tomorrow night as the news breaks.

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