02.21.22 10:00 UTC War Drums: And the Biden-Putin Summit is Shot Down by the White House

Another day passes, another day of the administration in Washington, D.C. playing “Call of Duty” and looking for real world applications for their policies.

It’s truly pathetic.

The people of the Ukraine are desperate for US leadership but as usual, all talk, no action. Meanwhile Russia has engaged in a lot of action and very little meaningful talk. For example, there have been zero, one more time for those commielibs who drop by and read this blog sometimes, ZERO POINT ZERO US based flights since February 11th to provide small arms, ammunition, or weapons of any sort to the Ukraine military.

God our government sucks.

Based on that alone, Putin has a green light to intervene because he knows President Senility will have to get a wake up call and a Red Bull in him to understand what is happening if the invasion starts after 7 p.m. ET.

On to the events tonight and happens throughout Monday in Europe, Russia, and Ukraine.

02.21.22 1000 UTC UPDATE:

Just like I feared, the French media and business news networks ran with this story to pump and dump markets and to promote a false hope. The Biden junta is too incompetent and set in their ways to negotiate as an honest broker and appears to want to just let the Ukrainians get slaughtered in a war, then a guerilla war that NATO would attempt to supply arms for; of course that would eventually lead to a wider conflict.

From Twitter this morning:

And the Kremlin basically spiked the meeting also:

In another very unusual move, an unscheduled meeting of Russia’s Security Council is underway, probably as this article is being updated. These are not normal actions of Putin or his General Staff:

That and more videos indicating Russian military vehicles moving closer to the Ukraine border this morning. Translation in this video is “Belgorod reservoir”:

More action overnight allegedly on the Sea of Azov:

Just a pro tip for my readers:

The Russians are NOT emptying their regional hospitals around Rostov and Crimea for “Donbas refugees” despite what the Moscow Times article states:

Here is the UK Daily Mail sensationalist headline of the day:

Russian battleplans call for ‘overwhelming intensity of fire’ on Ukraine that would cause ‘tens of thousands of casualties within days’ as troops move within three miles of border and Kremlin says it’s ‘too early’ for a Biden-Putin summit

But of course, the Biden regime will prevent the following from happening, right? Also from the UK Daily Mail:

Warning that Ukraine crisis could cause more energy firms to go bust amid concerns that conflict would cause cost of gas to more than double to 1,000p per therm

The fact that there are conscripts at the front indicates there could be a far larger force assembled than initially reported. If one adds in the Russian National Guard, the conscripts, and the District military forces, odds are the force totals are far larger than 200-225,000. More on the comments in this Tweet later today:

And straight out of 1939, here is the standard “border outpost” destroyed by enemy shelling, this time the Russians claimed the Ukrainians fired on their border outpost:

Interesting to see the “Terminator 2” BMPT moving towards Ukraine as those are usually only deployed for urban warfare. Perhaps a hint that some large cities will be occupied during the first wave of the invasion.

More to come as I find newsworthy tidbits.

Earlier I commented on how the Russian media was playing it up, welp, here’s our beloved incompetent US State Department hyping the “threats” per this email sent to US citizens in Russia:

I’m still waiting to hear a logical reason for this one.

Even RT and Sputnik are following up on this one. First the story from RT:

US tells citizens in Russia to prepare ‘evacuation plans’

This just keeps getting weirder and weirder by the day.

Meanwhile, the Russian Navy has been getting busier, right on schedule:

Meanwhile, the fighting goes on:

Needless to say, I’m not holding my breath on anything being accomplished as the Macron-Biden call lasted all of 15 minutes.

Near Donetsk tonight:

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