02.23.22 War Drums – 23:00 UTC UPDATE – The Storm has Arrived

Way, way, way back in time, there was a novel written called “War and Peace.”

Too bad today’s modern political elites, other than Putin, have not apparently read it. No, this is not praise for old Vlad, he’s got a grip on his plan and the goals for his nation to shift the geopolitical goalposts to the East.

Today’s actions and reactions were stupidity to the nth degree. The Ukrainian military has been basically ordered to become passive and allow the Russian and “pro-Russian” forces to attack them at will because resistance would make them look bad in the European and American press.

Sort of like warning the Czechs to stand down in 1938 as the United Kingdom handed Czechoslovakia to the Nazis.

The President of the United States, a doddering old fool, went on international television today to announce “harsh” sanctions against Russian oligarchs and banks that were already in place years ago to some degree. The senile idiot only encourages Putin to press the issue, not withdraw and believe this author, Beijing is watching with great interest. Kharkiv and Kiev are not only locations on a map, but test beds for China and Taiwan, which will eventually reduce the Western economies to the point of beggar status.

If my readers do not believe me, continue on in your mainstream media blissful ignorance believing the faux Ivy League experts who they trot out on television to tell you that Putin is bad, Biden is good, and America always wins.

Until America doesn’t.

ON to the updates….

02.23.22 23:00 UTC UPDATE:

This might well be the last “War Drums” update.

Dnipro airport is closed.

Flights are being diverted from Kiev.

Kharkov airport is closed.

War is imminent if not already under way as rumors of Russian planes performing overflights of Ukrainian military air defense positions apparently have started.

23:32 UTC- It just got worse:

Stay tuned.


02.23.22 10:00 UTC UPDATE:

The mobilization accelerates in Ukraine as reality sinks in:

And now the Ukrainian government is telling all of its citizens to leave Russia immediately (via RT):

Ukraine tells citizens to leave Russia

Even more drastic action is underway in Kiev:

In the mean time, what OSINT is being allowed on Twitter shows that there are more units of various types at front line assembly areas waiting to attack:

In the United Kingdom this morning on BBC Breakfast, Liz Truss who has been wrong about everything says the following:

She’s probably right, but right now, the Russian military is in a holding pattern which has to end soon so kudos to Truss for finally figuring this out.

The UK Daily Mail‘s morning propaganda piece is out:

Putin boasts of his hypersonic missiles and praises his army’s ‘battle-readiness’ in sabre-rattling speech as Liz Truss warns Russia is ‘hell-bent’ on attacking Ukraine and an invasion of KIEV is ‘highly likely’ 

In Germany the economy minister apparently thinks solar power is the answer and that Russia doesn’t subsidize the industrial might of his own nation with cheap energy (Bloomberg via YahooFinance):

Germany Says It Can Do Without Russian Gas. That’s a Tall Order

And from the UK Telegraph:

Full-scale invasion in ‘next 24 hours’, warns Australian PM Scott Morrison

With the OSINT reporting of Russian military movements starting to evaporate, mysterious censoring of popular Twitter posters with photos and video from the front lines by Twitter, and the eerie silence from some Ukrainian information sources, odds are the Australian Prime Minister might be right. This is especially true since the Russian landing ships and their fleet have “vanished” from public view (via Maritime tracking services) and the Black Sea is basically quiet. Everything appears to be in position and Putin can only maintain his military’s posture at this pre-invasion status for only so long.

And another from Ukraine:

That is interesting because most of these posters under attack are NOT pro-Russian so has Moscow infiltrated Twitter’s systems or are their sympathies being publicly displayed for all to see?

Lastly, and quite possibly literally, a final Tweet from a British soul who serves as a Ukrainian Marine. His last known position was in the fortified front lines around Mariupol. Good luck to him and Godspeed:

Any other updates worthy of posting shall be added via my Telegram account.


More armor moving closer near Kursk:

And yes, there are American idiots wanting to establish NFZ’s (No Fly Zones) and risk engaging Russian Air Force planes over Ukraine. Dear God we’ve raised a generation of blithering idiots.

If true, this is not a rational decision:

Just wow.

Meanwhile, more empty threats from America’s empty suits:

What about European and American institutions? You know, the ones that let 15 year old Pakistani hackers steal all your money?

So Mariupol and Kharkov (Kharkiv) want to be surrounded?

Gee, wonder where these units are going?

(Hint below)

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