03.05.22 Russia-Ukraine War 22:00 UTC Update: Americans told to Flee Russia, Violence Escalates in Ukraine

The most amazing thing about this war is that the arrogance of the Western media knows no bounds. After shutting down RT and Sputnik in the West, the governments of those same nations accused Russia of censorship for shutting down Facebook, Twitter, and their media outlets inside of Russia. The propaganda by both sides has been both ironic and thick, like this headline from the tabloid, The NY Post:

So far in the Western media, the propaganda has stated:

-Women being raped by Russian troops with no evidence

-13 Ukrainian soldiers fighting to the death on Snake Island (they didn’t they were captured)

-Russian soldiers targeting children, despite efforts to avoid civilian casualties

-A Ukrainian “ghost” pilot who has shot down dozens of Russian AF planes

-Russian troops were going to set off explosives at the Chernobyl and Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plants to irradiate all of the region and Europe.

And on and on. Then they are upset when they wonder why Russia is blocking their media outlets. As I pointed out in another war thread on Thursday, the BBC is reactivating shortwave outlets to Ukraine that have been long dormant to get information to the citizens of that nation. Perhaps if the idiots in the Western governments had realized what I pointed out years ago that China and Iran have perfected censoring the internet and its outlets then maybe the US government also would not have shut down its Russian and Ukrainian shortwave outlets and depended solely on the internet which guess what?

Any government can shut it down by developing their own censorship network like China or Iran and even develop a kill switch to the outside world.

Shocking, eh?

On to the conflict….

The United States State Department issued the following warning:

In other areas, the heat is on as the Russian military is no longer going to tolerate Ukrainian street protests over the war:

Weirdly enough, none of America’s hollyweirdos nor the “brave” politicians are there to join these poor souls in their protest against the Russians. Just like the fake bravado the British exhibited in September of 1939 while the Poles were being slaughtered.

Meanwhile, the totally unrealistic map of action by the Russian invasion as portrayed by Russian media last night:

Some portions of these maps might be realistic, but in the North and Northeast I would view that skeptically.

Lastly, a must read from Peter Hitchens in the UK Daily Mail, Sunday edition:

One glorious day in Sevastopol 12 years ago, I saw what was coming. That’s why I won’t join this carnival of hypocrisy

Needless to say, the pro-Russian side of the conflict has some interesting takes of their own:

There will be more later tonight. It’s time to wind down and enjoy some time with my lovely wife. Do yourselves a favor friends, if you’re not prepped by now, get prepped but still spend time with your family. It’s not worth stressing out over this, even if it is TEOTWAWKI.

At some point, expect massive problems here and in Europe as Russian agents stoke retaliation for the Stinger missiles supplied to the Ukrainian military:

The protests (in the video above)inside Ukraine right now are being handled by front line Russian soldiers thus no massive violence on display as they have other matters to attend to. Once the FSB has its forces in place, look for massive retaliatory public executions of the leaders of these protests. The psychological and propaganda conflict is already in full gear in the occupied cities:

The Institute for the Study of War published their latest Ukraine conflict map at 1500 yesterday:

This is a must follow account for a relatively unbiased view of the conflict @TheStudyofWar .

The war around Kiev has gotten even more intense, as reported by SkyNews on the ground found out the hard way:

Welcome to real war modern arrogant journalists.

Meanwhile, Russian forces are starting to overrun Ukrainian military facilities and show them off on Russian television:

The humanitarian corridor ceasefires were holding for a while on Saturday morning until the one around Mariupol collapsed due to what the Ukrainian government called “security concerns” per the BBC World Service. The city will not be holding out much longer as the Russian military encirclement will force a surrender within a day or two.

Despite the earlier announcement:

With the ceasefire Volnovakha set to expire later on, once the civilians are gone, I would expect the defenders to be overrun in short order. Then from that jumping off point after resupply and consolidation, the big jump off from the southern port of Berdlansk along with the same actions in Melitipol will allow the armored units to jump off towards Zaporizhzhya then the big prize of Dnipro which will effectively cut off Southeastern Ukraine from any reinforcements and allow the Russian military to bypass Kharkov and seal off eastern Ukraine along the Dnieper. The map below is my crude illustration as to how I believe the next offensive will evolve:

Mariupol will just become a sideshow as the defenders will eventually have to surrender due to lack of resupply.

Lastly, this tweet sums up just how overly dramatic the Western media has become. There is zero threat to NATO countries or a rapid global expansion due to the sacrifices the Ukrainian people are making in bogging down the Russian military:

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