03.09.22 Russia-Ukraine War Update: Why Was the U.S. Running Secret Bio-Labs in Ukraine?

I shall start tonight’s thread with that question and resume with further war updates in the morning.

Apparently during Congressional testimony today, Victoria Nuland, America’s favorite globalist bureaucrat and Hillary Clinton’s Libya fiasco mastermind testified that the United States was running secret biological laboratories inside of Ukraine.

Pardon me?

Did I read that right?

Yes and here’s a great thread by Clint Ehrlich asking the same questions:

That last question seems pretty important to me. If the labs were not banned biological warfare labs, why in the world would the US be so concerned about them?

Which begs the next question; were these level four bio-labs, like those in a place called Wuhan?

Wait, what, what, what????? And I mean what the hell?

Of course Victoria Nuland presented herself just like she did during the Libyan testimony; a rat caught in a trap:

And this:

All very interesting, and very disturbing. So much so that Senator Marco Rubio (RINO-FL) attempted to cover for her and change the subject right after the testimony. Here’s a snippet of her testimony:

There might be a kernel of truth to this rumor as USA Pravda Today ran a story the minute the war started with one of their famous “fact checks”:

Fact check: False claim of US biolabs in Ukraine tied to Russian disinformation campaign

Thus bringing us full circle to today’s testimony by Victoria Nuland, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs at the US State Department. She is either a Russian propagandist if we are to believe USA Pravda Today, or once again, just like Dr. Fauci, the US government is lying to its citizens and the world once again.

Hopefully there is more on this forthcoming in the days ahead and I shall post the transcript as soon as the Senate committee makes it available.

Oh, and in other good news tonight (via the UK Daily Mail):

Systems that broadcast radiation levels from Chernobyl stop sending signals: Atomic energy chiefs issue warning over site seized by Russian troops two weeks ago as Ukraine says staff trapped there need to be allowed out

May you live in interesting times, indeed.

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