03.18.22 Russia-Ukraine War Update: The Russians Begin to Cut Off the East


Kramatorsk starting to see some action:

The Ukrainians are still trying to strike at Russian targets with their remaining short range missiles:

Voznesensk now getting heavier strikes from the Russians to prepare for softening up the central Ukrainian regions for a ground assault:

Add in Lviv getting struck again and the Russian air and missile campaign definitely seems to be following a more logical and expansive pattern.


In just one day, it would appear that the Russian military’s consolidation in the Eastern portions of Ukraine are starting to dislodge the entrenched Ukrainian forces. In Rubizhne, Russian forces were confirmed to finally have control of the town:

Also the key city of Izyum has fallen per US defense officials:

Based on the OSINT community’s reporting, this is how that map in Eastern Ukraine looks at the moment:

Kramatorsk will be next, the Pokrovsk, and then once consolidated and re-supplied a full on push towards Dnipro to seal off the rest of the east leaving Kharkov and other smaller towns no choice but to surrender. It’s a workable strategy but quite costly going one town at a time, one major city at a time.

In the South, Mariupol’s defenses appear to be falling slowly while attacks towards Mykolaiv continue:

In boring old Odessa, an anti-tank mine explodes for some strange reason:

The siege guns have the range of Kharkov now, thus meaning the Russians will probably seal it off and starve the fighters out:

Some ground action, date and location unknown per poster; others have said February 24th:

More ground action, date and time unspecified:

Something else worth watching, especially if all six subs put to sea at the same time:

Lastly, in total relation to the posting above and yesterday’s thread, the Pentagon seems to confirm what many of us fear. The Russians may well threaten to and use tactical nukes to force a Ukrainian surrender or even Western interests if they persist in re-supplying Kiev.

More to come in the morning along with updates throughout the day via my Telegram channel as events and time allows.

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