04.03.22 Russia-Ukraine War: Odessa Under Attack


More attacks in the center of Ukraine tonight with news of another attack on Mykolaiv:

Apparently the German government is trying to hedge its bets. Now that they are going to lose 40% of their energy supply, I’ll wager they regret that move.

In the south of the country, Russia is reinforcing forces in Kherson using rail also, which does accelerate the amount of ammunition, food, and armaments that can be moved from Crimea.

More street fighting in Rubizhne:

More later as news warrants….


I shall skip my usual commentary and just move on to the news and it is breaking hot and heavy this morning.

From the Kyiv Post:

Air strikes hit Ukraine’s strategic port Odessa

The attack hit a fuel depot which appears to be part of a new strategy to starve the Ukrainian military of the supplies necessary for what’s left of the air force and armored units.

This is a good video of the initial impacts from the missile strike:

The attack on Odessa fits along with yesterday’s attack severely damaging Ukraine’s only oil refinery in Kremenchuck:

In the north, Ukrainian forces are totally in control of the Kyiv region, including Chernobyl.

In the east, Russian troops appear to slowly be making some gains:

And now more Russian media showing what happens when a military has sufficient air superiority to operate unscathed:

It would appear the final assault on Mariupol has begun. It’s a small salient inside the city so the Russians might well elect to flatten every building before going block by block with infantry.


And another Su-34 is shot down:

Attacks on Kharkov have not ceased however:

More updates later today as time permits as events in Pakistan, Azerbaijan, and the Koreas are heating up also.

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