Arkancide Warning: Durham Indicts a Clinton Associate

Nothing says death sentence like being close to the Clinton’s and finding out that you’ve been indicted and might, just might, have to testify about their activities.

Here we are over two decades removed from Bill Clinton’s reign of pornography as POTUS, and people are still getting into trouble on behalf of their corruptness. From tonight:

Grand Jury Indicts Dem Attorney in Durham Investigation

This excerpt from Rebecca Downs’ article sums it up:

On Thursday, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that a federal grand jury indicted attorney Michael Sussmann in a charge that he had lied to the FBI about a client. The indictment was expected, after a report from The New York Times revealed it was coming as part of the Durham investigation.

Mr. Sussmann it sucks to be the sacrificial lamb for the Clinton Crime Family, but enjoy some mint jelly as you are being prepared. You might want to get your personal affairs in order.

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